WFMW - Make Your Own Whiteboard

Want to know how you can make an oversized white board without exhausting your resources? A few years ago, my husband suggested I use Thrifty White Panel Board for a homemade white board. Home Depot carries it at $11.87 for a 4' x 8' panel. If you don't want one that big, they will cut it to size for you.

We installed our first one right on the wall with several screws (make sure to hit the studs). This makes a quick board, but beware of marker running off the board without an edge to stop it. You can add moldings (cut at 45 degree angles at the corner) for a nice finished look. Or you can use an old picture
frame like I did here.


I used duct tape to hold it in the frame. Cut to this size, it made 2 white boards 3' x 4' (with an 2 extra 1'x4' sections that would make great table top or travel boards. I saved the extra 3'x4' piece to replace this one if (when ) it gets scratched.

To see one way that we use the board, see my post here (scroll down).

It it is helpful to have a big white board that doesn't break the bank and that works for me!
P.S. A few drops of lemon essential oil on a rag is the BEST white board cleaner! It lasts a long time, is safe and all natural, smells great and also makes yummy lemon poppy seed muffins!


  1. Great tips, especially the part about the cleaning.


  2. This is a really good idea! I love the use of a picture frame to.

  3. Michelle, what another creative idea from you to us! I'll be looking for the whiteboard cleaner by way of lemon essential oil. Thank you for sharing this! Blessings-Kathy

  4. This is a really great idea! White boards can be so expensive, what a great alternative =)

  5. I couldn't help but notice the empty color coded bins sitting under your white board. Do you mind me asking, "what are they?" :)

  6. @LL - they are "workboxes" - a part of the Workbox system! You can read more about them here:

  7. I love that! Great tip, Michelle! Thanks for sharing. I love using natural cleaners for everything. I have been using lavender alcohol I tinctured-up, but I will try the lemon e.o.!!