Tot School ~ Open Ended Summer Play

Tot School
~Eliana is 30 months~
Tot School for the past two weeks has been all self taught! Summer here has been full of projects and free play time for little ones. Even so, I grabbed a few shots to share with you.
Open Ended Art
The theme was tissue paper and you can see more of what we did here!
My husband gave me a bouquet of daisies and after about a week, they were calling Elli's name to be arranged. My goal was to give her a love and appreciation for beautiful things. Hopefully one day she will be a joyful keeper at home!
We have made several trips to the fountains and this is just some of the fun she has had. Our first trip she would not even go near the water and now she is truly enjoying it! (She still stays near the smaller ones, though!)
And don't you just love her outfit? I made those pants, but not for that top! She is quite independent when it comes to dressing herself, but she still lets me do her hair. :-)
Malachi is studying the letter W, so we made several trips to the creek to go wwwading.
She loved playing in the shallow current and stayed close to the rocks. Jordan was great to spend most of his time at the creek playing with her.
I included this pic to show you how to roll your two and a half year old daughter's hair in curlers. While she is asleep, of course :-) She helped pick them out and of course chose pink. We I thought it would be fun and cute for a photo shoot for the Edwardian Apron and dress I made for her. (Coming soon!)
This week we are canning pickles, packing buckets and more, so no hope for formal tot school. But, I will tell you something - she has really impressed me with how well she plays by herself and what a wonderful imagination she has! She will sit and play for hours and have a storyline to go with it. She is also building tents out of couch cushions and just being a kid. I am thankful that she is so happy and content no matter what is going on around her! While we are missing in action, feel free to check out our past Tot School posts! And see what others are doing for Tot School here!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your week - it looks like it was a fun one!

  2. It looks like a great week! I am jealous of how well Eliana can play by herself. We have short periods of this play here, but definitely not "for hours". On the other hand - I observed that if Anna deems us busy, she finds ways to entertain herself. The problem starts when she decides that our activities are less important than playing/talking with her :) Happy pickling!

  3. You guys did so much and had such fun too! I love the pictures of her in the fountain. She looks so excited and happy. She is truly precious. The picture of her sleeping with the curlers is priceless!! How did her hair look the next morning? Can't WAIT to see the apron and dress you are making!! You are so talented and knowledgeable about the best things. It is a blessing to have kids that play alone and/or with siblings well and the imagination is such a plus too! I have been blessed with little ones that play alone well and it is so very helpful at certain times. LOVE your week of, yes, learning and fun!

  4. You take good pictures. I LOVE your blogs. Plus, you have beautiful children. And that precious girl...what a blessing it is for me to see what she's learning and see her cuteness (I hope she's as sweet inside as she looks outside). I LOVE the one picture of her with her arms crossed in front of the daisies (white daisies used to be my FAVORITE flower, but now I don't have a favorite...too many beauties and too many nice smellies). She looks as if she's contemplating what she's about to do. TOO cute!