Instant Challenge #1: Bridge Builder

Here is our instant challenge for this week.  If you missed it, be sure to see my introductory post for rules and more information!

Bridge Builder

If you are using the workbox system, I suggest you put the Student Copy of the Instant Challenge in the box upside down with a sticky note that says: "Instant Challenge - No Peaking" (The goal is for them to use their imagination while thinking and working quickly to find a solution).  Then you will have the challenge materials at a "station" with the materials list as indicated in the challenge. You could also include the timer, since it will be used in each challenge.  Keep the challenge materials hidden until the time of the challenge.

I will post our solution, give you an opportunity to link up your solutions next week and and post the next instant challenge.  I hope you will join us!

Tip of the week: Teach your children that every item given to them in an Instant Challenge may have many uses. They should always be looking for alternative or unusual ways to use common items.


  1. This sounds so wonderful - looking forward to this! Thanks Chel!

  2. OK, I SO need to do this with Pac Man...he is all about this kind of stuff..and I am SOOO not. I can't even wrap my measly brain around this one... ha ha! So, he can cut the cards, but not use anything but the cards to create the actual bridge? I am so braindead!

    I printed the papers off and am still confused (I am so not an engineer), but plan to give it a try ...he will probably amaze me!

    ;) Carisa

  3. I am very intrigued. . . this would be good for Hottie Hubby to join us in . . . hmmm. I think that we are up for the challenge.

  4. I saw this when you first posted but my middle son had surgery at the beginning of November. We are just starting back to school this coming Monday (the 16th). I think we will spend Friday afternoon doing ALL the challenges so we can be caught up. I have a feeling my boys will LOVE this. Can't wait to try it!