Will Blog for a Strider Bike

Who wouldn't?

This summer we bought Malachi his first bike, complete with training wheels. He rode it around so happily until one day I had the bright idea to take the training wheels off so he could learn to balance. To make this short, we lost the training wheels and he was too small to ride the bike.

Enter the Strider running bike. I was impressed by everything about this cute little bike and I wanted one for him ever since I first saw it. It is such a cute, low profile "running" bike that teaches children to first learn balance and coordination, before they learn to pedal.

And I won it from 1+1+1=1!

It arrived super quick, was easy to assemble and easy for the youngest of children to learn to use. We have had it a little over two weeks and Malachi (4) and Eliana (2) have been riding it back and forth through the house. I have to adjust the seat each time they switch, but they are so cute on it that I don't mind.

We live on a busy street, so I told Malachi that if he practiced riding in the house for awhile, that I would let him ride it in the big gym at daddy's work. Of course, work is play at the YMCA so he loved this!

He is just starting to get the hang of this, and will only lift his feet a little. But, I can already see marked improvement since he first hopped on! His confidence is building each time and pretty soon, he will be gliding across the gym!

Thanks Carisa and Strider for this great giveaway!


  1. Sounds like it was a winner all the way around for everyone in your household!

  2. Chel,

    This was a very cute post and I did enjoy seeing Malachi and Eliana riding that bike. For those who might be on the fence wondering whether or not they should buy a pedal-less bike, I would like to give my own review, by simply saying: "do it!". My kids are really beginning to have a lot of confidence because of this bike.


  3. Awesome and also congratulations on being chosen for HSBA. I voted for you on a couple of the categories