Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? {Before FI♥AR}

We are loving Before Five in a Row! I love that I have all my lessons planned out for me and ready to go. If you missed my Learning Together With Five in a Row post, it tells more about how I am doing this. It makes for a smooth, fun-filled week that not only makes me feel like I have accomplished something, but we are having fun, too.

We love Jesse Bear. Along with Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, we loved It's About Time, Jesse Bear ~ a fun book with endearing rhymes and poems. After we had finished the planned activities (from the manual and the supplemental activities below), Mali wanted to spend another week playing with boxes (from "Boxes are Best" for Jesse Bear ~ a poem in the book) and more. I love that it is inspiring him to come up with ideas on his own.

Here are the highlights of our week:

Weather Bear Paper Dolls:

Malachi colored his on his own. I had Eliana color hers and then I helped her by very lightly coloring in the rest. (I wanted to be able to see her coloring still.) Then I cut them out, laminated them and added velcro to attach the clothes (instead of the tabs). This way, they last much longer. They had fun with these and they tied in perfectly with the story.

Jesse Bear's Rhyming Pairs:


Lap Journal:

Whole Grain Bear Pancakes:

(Sue Gregg's Blender Batter Waffles and Pancake recipe made with brown rice and oats - you can't even tell they are not made with white flour.)

Sprouts in a Bunch and Celery Crunch for Lunch:
Jesse Bear eats sprouts bunched on celery, so I spread cream cheese on the celery and then added the sprouts. They loved it! I also put a bunch on their sandwich.

Potato Shape Stamps:
We used these to decorate the freezer paper on the table for a table cloth for a . . .

Jesse Bear Picnic!
Luke took them to the park while I made the Sandwich Bear and decorated. They were so delighted!

Elli waiting patiently for everyone:
Mali did a good job loading up his plate - he got a little of everything - a healthy lunch!
(Notice their Jesse Bear clothes?)

Another highlight was playing in their new turtle sandbox. In the story, Jesse Bear plays in the sandbox, so we did too.

A big highlight of our week is that Malachi learned to ride a bike.

Learning to get started on his own (without the push).
It is quite comical how it ended up happening. Mali and Elli both wanted the Strider bike. In an attempt to make peace, Luke encouraged Malachi to try to ride his new bike (that we bought him last summer). . . and he took off! And Elli happily ran alongside with the Strider.
After seeing Malachi ride the first time he tried, I am convinced it was because he learned to balance with the Strider.

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  1. I just wanted to drop you a comment and let you know that I love your BFIAR posts. They are so inspirational to me.

    Your Fan,

  2. This post is amazing. The food tie-ins are wonderful. I love the sandwich.

  3. Amazing, just the inspiration I was needing! I used FIAR and BFAIR years ago with my older children now 23, 19, 16, and 15, but somehow lost the vision with my younger set ages 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. I pulled BFAIR off the shelf yesterday and am so excited to get started again with my little ones! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I am so glad to hear that! How fun that you used FIAR with your older
    children ~ I'm sure pulling it off the shelf will bring back some
    wonderful memories. I keep our B4 books on a special shelf to keep
    them nice ~ I hope I get to do just the same as you! Have fun! :-)

  5. Hello! I am looking everywhere for jesse bear printables and can't find them. If you have the document I'd be forever grateful!


      (Sorry so late)

  6. I am very happy I found your blog about this curriculum study. I started using it just a little and my daughter just loves it. Jesse Bear is beginning to be one of our favorite stories. So much to learn!

    1. So much to learn ~ so little time! They grow so fast. It's such a precious time of learning. So happy you are enjoying your time together. :-)