In our last Biblical History unit, we left off with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob {Israel} and the promise Yahveh made to Abraham and his descendants. We see that promise begin to unfold in the life of Joseph.

  • Genesis 37-50
  • The Victor Journey Through the Bible: "Joseph's Cloak," "Joseph Is Sold as a Slave," "Joseph in Potiphar's House," "Joseph Becomes Govenor," "Joseph's Brothers Buy Grain," "Joseph's Family Moves to Egypt,"
  • Holmann Bible Atlas: "Joseph and the Entry Into Egypt."
  • Who's Who in the Bible: Joseph
  • Grapevine's OT Overview: "Joseph the Slave," "Joseph the Ruler"


Joseph, the son of Jacob's old age, is his favorite among his sons.

Mali and Elli made a "Coat of Many Colors" craft.

Joseph has two dreams and they provoke his brothers to jealousy. Jacob sends Joseph to visit his brothers and they plot to kill him. Reuben saves Joseph and he is sold into slavery. They lie to their father and let him think that Joseph is dead. Joseph is taken to Egypt and becomes a slave in Potiphar's house and is falsely accused of immorality. Joseph is sent to prison and there he interprets the dreams of Pharaoh's Cup Bearer and Baker.

(The boys' notebook pages From Grapevine's OT Overview)

Pharaoh has a dream and the Cupbearer remembers Joseph. So Pharaoh calls for him and Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dream - that there will be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. Joseph becomes ruler over Egypt and starts saving grain for the famine. Ephraim and Manasseh are born during this time. The famine hits and Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph's brothers bow down to him (just as in his first dream). Joseph hides his identity to test their hearts. He chooses a hostage, returns their money and the brothers go home and return with Benjamin. Joseph tests them again and Benjamin is accused of stealing. With a repentant heart, Judah steps up to speak on behalf of the brothers.
Joseph reveals who he is and is reconciled to his brothers. (This part always makes me cry). Pharoah welcomes the brothers and they are sent back to Caanan with gifts and the good news about Joseph, and they return with their father and all of Jacob's family moves to Egypt to live in Goshen.

As Jacob's life comes to an end, he blesses Ephraim and Manasseh and his twelve sons. Jacob dies and Joseph receives permission to take Jacob back in Caanan. Joseph reassures his brothers (who fear for their life now that Jacob is gone). Joseph's last prophetic words to Israel are spoken and he dies at the age of 110.

When Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh, he crossed his hands and gave Ephraim the first born blessing. He prophesied saying that Ephraim would be a melo ha goyim - a mulitude of peoples, a company of nations. The word goyim is the word for gentile - thus Ephraim was prophesied to become the fullness of the gentiles! Just like Father had his hand on Joseph's life, he has had his hand on Ephraim's descendants.

Ephraim (which came to be a collective term for the Northern kingdom of Israel) and Judah were separated into two kingdoms (which later became two witnesses to confirm the truth of His word), and because Israel disobeyed, Yahveh allowed them to be carried into captivity. Just as Joseph was taken into slavery to bring about God's will, Israel was taken into captivity.

This is how Ephraim was to fullfill the prophecy that he would become the fullness of the gentiles. Ephraim lost his family identity. They became what Scripture calls, “not a people.” (Hosea 1:9) But, even though they were “sifted” like grain, Yahveh did not let one grain fall to the earth (become lost).

But, Jeremiah prophesied about a time when once again Ephraim would return to his ancient roots (Jeremiah 31:17-19) and we are living in those times! Read my post on our spiritual heritage to learn more.

I love reading through the Bible. Each time I do, I see more of the prophetic picture that He paints. Scripture says the end parallels the beginning. How exciting it is to see this Truth unfold before our very eyes as we are restored to our Hebrew roots.

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