Super Star Speech

I was not the least bit concerned about my children's speech development and think that they are on track developmentally. However, I was interested in this program because I know families that do have speech delays. I wanted to see if this was something that I could recommend to them. I know many families cannot afford professional speech therapy, and after reviewing this, I think Super Star Speech is designed just for them! It is written so that it can be easily understood and taught in a home environment.

To review this, I gave my daughter the Articulation Test. She is indeed on track developmentally for her age, but much to my surprise, I discovered she cannot consistently say the soft (unvoiced) sound of /th/. For example, she would say "f" instead of "th" on occasion. I learned that this is a skill that is not mastered until the age of 6, so I was not worried at all (she is 3), but we still did some of the drills to try them out.

We learned that the unvoiced "Th" is produced by "protruding the tongue slightly between the front teeth and blowing." So, I had Elli practice this. Then I had her practice “f-th-f-th” to contrast the two sounds. Then I had her repeat some practice words. There are more ideas, games and practice words in the manual as well as the companion book, but she was too little for most of them.

Super Star Speech includes:
  • Articulation test assesses speech sounds in all word positions.
  • Specific instructions and tips for teaching every sound
  • 240 picture cards printed on colored card stock (ring bound edition)
  • Games and activities for enjoyable practice and drill
  • Reproducible lesson plan forms

The books in the Super Star Speech series include:
  • Super Star Speech
  • Super Star CH, J, TH
  • Super Star R and L
  • Super Star S, Z, Sh
Price: These are all available at CurrClick for $12.95 each. A Super Star bundle is also available for $27.00 and includes Super Star Speech, Super Star S, Z, Sh, and Super Star R and L. These are also available directly from the author in a spiral or ring bound printed version. See the website for for information. Also, now until June 30th, my readers can get a 20% discount on books from with discount code "TOS."

I am happy to recommend this to any parent that wishes to do speech therapy at home.

Super Star Speech also has a series of Super Star Games.
  • All About Animals Game (K-5)
  • Climb the Vine (All About Plants - Grades 3-6)
  • Colony Quest
  • Covering the Continents Game
  • Explorers of the World (Grades 3-8)
  • Exploring Egypt (Grades 3-8)
  • Insect Game
  • Inventors Game
  • Planets (Planets, Moons and Stars game - grades 3 and up)
  • Road to Revolution (An American History game - grades 3-8)
  • Silly Snail Game (Parts of Speech game)

The Super Star Speech games are a fun way to supplement your curriculum and are available for $3.50 each or $2.00 each if you buy the bundle at CurrClick.

If you think this might be something that would work for you, be sure to read my Crew Mates reviews to see what they think of Super Star Speech.

I obtained these products for free for the purpose of this review and no further compensation was received. In exchange, I offer my honest opinion and review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.