Sketch Tuesday (Catching Up)

My boys have been participating with Sketch Tuesday at Harmony Fine Arts (well, sorta). They have been doing the sketches, but I have not submitted them for the slideshow. (I'm just a wee bit behind on everything blog related). So, I am posting these for them.

This first assignment here is to sketch something you would see in a sporting goods store. I thought Nathan did a good job with his sporting goods display. =)

This next assignment was to sketch something you would see in a forest.

Nathan's sketch, age 11:

I love how cheerful this is. =)

Jordan's sketch, age 14:

Jordan and his dad are getting into logging, so I loved this.

Dylan's sketches, age 9:

I believe Dylan's sketches are from the Draw Write Now books. I love that he is using these to learn to draw and that he has improved so much. (He used to not like to draw at all).

This week's assignment is to sketch something in a sewing box, or the sewing box itself. Boys, are you up for this one? (smile) I think it would make a lovely addition to my journal if you would like to sketch me a picture of something in my sewing box or bag. =)