Moses, Passover & the Exodus

In our last history lesson, we left off with the children of Israel in Egypt. This lesson highlights Moses, the first Passover and the Exodus. In a recent history post, I mentioned that I thought that we were moving a little slow in our history studies, but then I realized that this was His perfect timing because it coincides with the timing of Passover! :D

  • Exodus 1-15
  • The Victor Journey Through the Bible: "Moses is Born," "Moses Kills an Egyptian and Flees to Midian," The Burning Bush," The Plagues," The Plagues," "Passover," "The Exodus," and "Crossing the Red Sea"
  • Who's Who in the Bible: "Moses and the Israelites"
  • Holmann Bible Atlas: "The Egyptian Experience," "The Exodus," "The Route of the Exodus"
  • Tirzah
  • Grapevine's OT Overview: Moses, The Deliverance, The Exodus
  • Story of the World: Chapter 6 "The Jewish People," and chapter 14: "The Israelites Leave Egypt"


The children of Israel grow in numbers in Egypt. A new pharaoh (who does not know Joseph) enslaves the Israelites and begins killing the newborn boys. Moses is born, rescued and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter. He grows up, tries to rescue a fellow Hebrew and flees to Midian. While in Midian, he marries and lives until the time of YHVH's salvation arrives.YHVH reveals Himself to Moses in a burning bush, commissions Moses and promises to deliver the Israelites.

Moses and Aaron appear before Pharaoh and Pharaoh increases the burden on the Israelites. They complain. YHVH reassures Moses. Moses doubts. YHVH reassures him again. Nine plagues and the final refusal of Pharoah results in the final plague - death of the first born and the first Passover followed by the Exodus - the children of Israel leave Egypt and the command for YHVH's people to always remember YHVH's deliverance is issued.

The children of Israel follow YHVH's route to the Promised Land. Pharaoh hardens his heart one last time. Israel faces the Egyptian army. YHVH reassures His people, parts the Red Sea, Israel is saved, the Egyptian army perish in the sea. Moses sings a song of deliverance and Miriam and the women sing and dance with joy.
(I just love Grapevine's Stick Figuring Through the Bible.)

We remember the Passover because YHVH instructs His people to remember it every year as a memorial of what happened in Egypt. Passover is one of 7 appointed Feasts that He has commanded us to keep forever. The Feasts point to the deliverance and salvation of YHVH's people. The feasts are our history and our destiny! They foreshadow events yet to come!

  • Leaven hunt to find all the leaven in our home (ie lots of Spring cleaning over the last couple weeks)
  • 10 Plague race (from our Spring Feast lapbook)
  • Make unleavened bread
  • Remember/keep the Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread and Feast of First Fruits
Elli helping me make unleavened bread.

Today is the Feast of First Fruits. Chag sameach (joyous festival)! I love the rich meaning in following Yah's ways. =) Today, we start counting the Omer (50 day count) to Shavuot (Pentecost).

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