The Runaway Bunny {Before FI♥AR}

This week we "rowed" The Runaway Bunny. Our supplemental book this week was I Love You, Little One. To learn more about what we are doing, see my plan for Learning Together With Five in a Row - we are very excited for this learning adventure!

We read the story each day, did the activities in the B4 manual, and had lots of great discussion (like why we would never want to run away and how much our Heavenly Father loves us enough to be there for us if we run away from Him). The following activities are supplements to the manual and relate to the story.

Lap Journal:

Scarecrow and bunny puppet play and reading to the little ones:

Shadow Matching and Sequencing:

We visited our local greenhouse in hopes of finding a crocus. Every flower we found, Mali asked if it was a crocus. They were just too cute and I loved Eliana's excitement over all the plants and flowers. We learned that a crocus is a bulb that is planted in the fall (but they did not have any).

(It wasn't until I went to take her boots off back at home that I realized they were on the wrong feet!)

While I was waiting for the vermiculite and paying for my purchases, they went outside to play in the park (this is one of the reasons I love going there so much!).

Another day, we visited the bunny at the pet store. The little one's sanitized their hands and sat in a circle to hold the bunny, but he was a little timid and kept running away. We laughed and said he was the runaway bunny!

What If?

This day, we also played a game of "What if. . . " from Ruth Beechick's Language and Thinking for Young Children. I asked Malachi a series of "what if" questions and wrote down his responses in the book with the date. Here are a few:
  • What if you were locked in a candy store? "I would just find a way out." (What a good boy! We are not eating sugar right now.)
  • What if you woke up and there was an elephant on the lawn? "I would say shoo!" To which I replied, "You wouldn't want to go on an elephant ride?" And he said he would.
  • What if you were making breakfast in bed for mom and dad and the toaster caught on fire? "Get some water from the hose." (I explained why we would not want to do that!)
  • What if the phone rang and your mother was outside? "I would give it to my mom."
  • What if your friend was crying? "I'll say, 'It's okay.'"
  • What if someone walked into the house with muddy shoes? "I'll just mop it off the floor."

I talked to Mali about the importance of knowing his address, phone number and family names (if he is ever lost, then he could get help finding his way home). First we worked on memorizing and then we talked about the landmarks near our home (behind the YMCA, across the from the Library, by the walking path, down the street from the park, etc.).
Narration and Ink Sketch:

Mali continued working on lesson one in Explode the Code 1 and we worked on reading the stories from Lesson 1 in I Can Read It. See my first K post here for links and to see what else we are doing weekly.

Art: Drip Drop Painting with Color:
We had a very fun, but easy week! I loved having everything planned out, printed and ready to go.

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