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Alphabet Fun Scrapbook

I finished it!

Malachi's 4K {Preschool} year is in this 12 x 12 album:

Some pages are more scrapbook style with photos, artwork and recipes:
L is for Lemonade and Ladybugs
And other pages are lapbook/lap journal style with photographs:
Y is for Yellow, Yarn and Yo-Yo
I love having it for Malachi to look back on. . .  
"Look! I was so creative!" he exclaimed. *Ü*
One of the things that I love about scrapbooking is that it gives children a sense of identity.

I put the book in alphabetical order, but wish that I had put it in chronological order instead.

I loved having my blog to look back on ~ I used each post to help me journal each page. I forgot so much!

Things that have made blogging {for scrapbooking} easier ~
  • my Canon EOS Rebel T1i ~ so thankful for this!
  • removing the watermark from my photos {I still appreciate permission to use my photos!}.
  • less photos in collages.
  • less collages ~ more individual photos.
  • being more selective in the photos I use.
  • considering the photo when selecting the size.
  • ordering prints as I go ~ instead of a whole year at a time! 
  • ordering prints from home and picking them up in one hour from Walgreens {love this!}
  • detail in posts.
  • keeping up with the lapjournal for B4FIAR ~ I only need to scrapbook the photos and have been printing every few months. 
I loved going digital for photos {before blogging, I still used my Rebel G2 ~ and shot in manual mostly}, but I am not so sure about going digital for scrapbooking! My next {personal} goal will be to learn to shoot manual in my Rebel T1i. . .

So much to learn, so little time ~ especially when life goes by this fast!