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The Outdoor Hour ~ Signs of Autumn

Our first "Outdoor Hour" since Spring! Outdoors wise, Summer was spent gardening, exploring on our "homestead" {22 acres of forest land in the mountains of Montana} and free exploration for our nature learning. My boys had their heart set on a summer of no "official" school and I didn't have the energy to fight it.  I still may only participate occasionally, but I do miss our formal Outdoor Hour.

We are jumping in with Autumn Series #1:

Signs of Autumn Challenge

We took a leisurely walk through our neighborhood to look for signs of Fall. . .
Leaves loosing their color,  leaves on the ground, Autumn fruit. . .
Football. . . 
This is how you will find "the Boys" every Sabbath {Saturday} afternoon.
We are having an unusually warm Fall ~ usually we have had some snow by now and the boys are taking full advantage of our nice weather.

I love this tree . . .
 . . . it is the first tree in our neighborhood to start turning and it's leaves are almost gone

This tree reminds me that while Fall means the end of Summer for most, for us it means that Winter is almost here!

After playing at the park for awhile, we took a walk around the Kendrick Estate. This mansion is only a few blocks from our house and the grounds are so pretty and always well taken care of.

Kendrick Mansion
Here are a few sights we saw:
Seed pods, berries, red and yellow leaves. . .
Lots of mushrooms.
When we rounded the last corner of the estate, the boys called out, "Our tree!" This is our 2nd annual photo taken in this tree. 

It was quite comical at first. . .
They couldn't figure out how they all fit in the tree last year {and how they all got up there!}. I also got a few impromptu photos to update the ones in my sidebar since the kids have grown so much! 

It was a beautiful Fall day. 

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