Homeschool Highlights ~ Week 7

We had a good week for getting our independent work done. I have very few pictures of school in action this week since I was not feeling my best.

Autumn nature walk.
This week we did our Fall Scavenger Hunt and participated in the Outdoor Hour ~ Signs of Autumn. The little ones did activities based on the book Fall Leaves Fall, by Zoe Hall in my post Fall Leaves Fall.

Here are the highlights from the rest:

Nutrition 101: Choose Life:

We covered Unit 3, Chapter 3: The Auditory System and the Ears
"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." ;-) Matthew 11:15 
We covered:
  • what is sound and what is hearing
  • the parts of the ear and how they work
  • hearing impairment and ear infections
  • good and bad foods for hearing
Jordan read the chapter out loud. {I had a cold and lost my voice this week}.

Since I was sick, we made the Onion Garlic Poultice from the Additional Recipes section.
Garlic, cooked onion and olive oil.
Words to the wise, do not use that much garlic! Fresh garlic burns the skin.

I thought it was interesting that one of their projects was to memorize Proverbs 28:9:
"He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination."
and James 1:22-23:
"But be you doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves..." 
The law {His Torah} was given to set us apart as a nation unto Him ~ let us not deceive ourselves any longer thinking that we can not keep His law and still be set-apart unto Him. For the law, which is holy and righteous and good (Romans 12:7), is what sets us apart! 

Biblical History:

King Solomon {Grapevine} and readings from Victor's Journey Through the Bible.

Clay Oil Lamp

This is a project from Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide. I used oven baked clay, but it is not fireproof and the edges started to burn.

So, as to not waste the oil, we poured the oil into a glass jar.

We are reading Hittite Warrior for our read aloud. This is set during the time of the Judges ~ specifically chapter 7.

  • Nathan and Dylan started Chapter 4: Digestive and Renal System {they follow the suggested schedule and take 2 weeks to do a chapter}
  • Jordan finished Module 9: "What is Life?" He will take the module test tomorrow morning. 
Experiment Finding Starches in Plants

Sports Programming:

Jordan is doing well with coaching (he is coaching Malachi's K-1 team), refereeing and helping with Luke's soccer program. Last week Jordan received his 2nd paycheck ~ which means he logged another 20 hours for programming (total 35).  He is also playing adult soccer 2 nights a week and an occasional noon-ball.  We are {hopefully} finding a balance between school, chores, work and free time.

Nathan. Well, at first he was becoming known as a notorious "ball hog" and Luke threatened to send him home if he didn't start passing and including his team mates. He carries the ball well and can score, but his teammates were becoming a little upset {to say the least}. He apologized to the team and has been passing since. He is actually scoring more goals now {as well as assisting more goals} because now the other team doesn't know if he is going to shoot or pass, so they have to mark up on all the players, which gives Nathan the advantage because he is not so closely guarded. {The other teams were marking up on him alone, since they knew he would shoot every time}. So, now he passes, but usually gets the ball back and scores. His teammates are happy because they have the ball more and even score too. {This was quite the drama in our house this week.}

Dylan. Sweet Dylan. He is a great player, but if he got his school and chores done on time, he could actually make the games. He did much better about getting his school done this week. I also swapped him a chore ~ he helps me make breakfast every morning and I help him clean the downstairs bathroom ~ worked wonderfully this week!

Phew! Only one more week of soccer!

Days in school: 28

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  1. We are doing "sports light" this fall. After spring baseball, I was ready to call it quites! I think I counted 9 games in one week + practices! Ouch.

    Your week looks amazing- even being sick. I love the King Solomon pages. The oil lamps are impressive too.

    Thanks for sharing. You always inspire me. :)

  2. If my husband wasn't the director of all these sports programs, I'd be tempted to call it quits too! ;-)

    And thank you for your encouraging comment! {as always!}

  3. You always have the best activities for hands on learning :D
    And it looks absolutely gorgeous there! I pray you are feeling well and whole soon!

    I have missed you also, my sweet friend. Shabbat Shalom to you and your precious family.
    BTW, I love the color pics of the kids on your sidebar.!

    Love you!

  4. I really like those clay oil lamps.

    I hope you are feeling better and had a good weekend with your family, and that this upcoming week gets off to a good start for all of you.

  5. Thank you! I am feeling much, much better now! *Ü*