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Fall Leaves Fall

A fall wind blew through our trees this week and Eliana ran outside to stand under the willow tree exclaiming as she ran, "Fall leaves fall!" They blew everywhere. I had to laugh because the day before Luke had Jordan rake all the leaves on the grass. I almost stopped him because I wanted to do some of the activities from the book with the little ones. . . but I knew there'd be more!

Catch them, stomp them, make pictures with them, rake them up and jump in ~ this book shows all the fun things to do with leaves. I love the vibrant collage like pictures and simple fun text.

This week week {and some of last}, our activities focused on this book and other books about Fall/Autumn, such as Count Down to Fall. See our Tot School ~ Fall Leaves Fall post from last year to see more of what we have done {and see how much Eliana has grown, wow!}.

Our week:
Leaf Stomping.
Signs of Fall.
Walking Stick.
Mushroom Collecting.
Nature Basket.
"Lemme see!"
Mama's Bird.

Elli's Bird. 
Leaf Collage.
Pretty Lamination!
Pressed Leaves.
Leaf Picture {Squirrel}.
Leaf Matching!
Mixing {Fall} Colors.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown.
Falling Leaves.

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