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I Am an Artist ~ Clouds {Before FI♥AR}

I Am an Artist is a unique book about seeing "art" ~ line, shape, texture, form, color, symmetry, and more ~ in nature. Not what I was expecting when I opened this book for the first time and it turned out to be a delightful book about seeing the handiwork in Father's creation.

Our go-along books:

Day 1: Read I Am an Artist, nature walk/talk (observing shape, line, texture in nature), collect nature items, make sensory tub

Here are the items we collected on our walk for our tub:

We had more fun collecting items and putting the tub together and discussing the elements of art than exploring with it ~ they were not interested at all. So, I brought out the glue and encouraged them to make a collage with the items. A texture bark rubbing would be an ideal go along ~ but my little ones were not interested at the time.

Day 2: Read cloud books, Weather Challenge, Cloud Art, Cloud Sensory Tub, Designs in Fruit

Weather Challenge #1 {The Outdoor Hour}

"Spend 15 to 20 minutes outdoors this week with your children in your own yard or on your own street. Make sure to take note of any clouds in the sky and try to put into words what they look like. Use words like fluffy, wispy, thin, dark, high, low, and any other terms you can remember . . ."

Most of our weather observations took place from our front picture window. It was too cold {for me} to go outside. We tried to identify the storm clouds coming in. They brought lots of wind and some moisture, and I thought for sure it would snow. . .  (a few days later they did bring a light snow that melted the same day). We described the clouds as low, layered, dark, wispy ~ almost like a grey blanket covering the sky.

"It Looked Like . . . " Cloud Art ~ 

We made pictures with cotton balls clipped to clothespins ~ A Looked Like Spilt Milk go-along.

"It looked like an army car."
They made several ~ the first ones were:
  • "fluffy clouds in a row"
  • "spilt milk"
  • " a cloud"
I then told them to "try" to make a picture, :-)

Edible Cloud Art Sensory Tub

Making the whipped cream.

She is making a "slide" in the cloud. 

Our first edible sensory tub and couldn't resist! She played with the tub to dip and transform clouds.

During this time, Jordan stared at her for the longest time saying nothing ~ I looked at him and said, "What is it?" His reply: "She did wash her hands, right?" He didn't think she could eat all of that herself, lol. ;-)

The Star In An Apple

This is from a page in the book.

Strawberry Hearts and Fruit Salad

We cut up the apple and strawberries and made a fruit salad with the leftover whipped cream. :D

I needed a nice, simple, easy row this week, and this was perfect.

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