The Busy Little Squirrel

I've seen Sensory Tubs around and even tried them a couple times, but just didn't get into them. . . until I saw Carisa's post on her Fall Sensory Bin and then headed on over to see Counting Coconuts tubs ~ wow!  I was inspired and decided here on out I would create, if possible, a Sensory Tub for each book we row.

And my kids were in love with the idea! I had them help me decide what would go in the tub, but then surprised them with it.

Busy Little Squirrel Sensory Tub

We added items from animals and scenes from the book:
  • animals ~ squirrel, dog, cat, mouse, frog 
  • squirrel food ~ bird food, corn, apples, acorns, peanuts, 
  • pumpkin {mouse nibbles a pumpkin}
  • fall leaf tree with branches and a squirrel hole
  • scarecrow {this is not in the book, but I added it because we chased squirrels away from our garden all summer!} 
First they took items out of the box and sorted and divided them.

They had to share the pumpkin {both wanted it} and finally agreed to put it in the middle.

They played so well together after that and had so much fun! 

The tree became the focus for much of their play. . .

It was an oak tree, then an apple tree. . . 

I saw lots of great imagination and creative play and they asked to play with it several times a day, every day, until I took the corn out to crack for the chickens. I know this will be a fun memory for them! 

Shelling Peanuts
Fine Motor Skills Practice
Shelled Peanuts.

Then we roasted the peanuts. . . a little too much ~ I burnt them.

So I bought some dry roasted peanuts at the store to make Honey Roasted Peanuts and burnt those too.

{They were really yummy as I was testing them though! and I will have to try this again sometime ~ to make: use 1 jar roasted peanuts, 3/4 cup honey, 1/2 cup sugar and 2 tsp. coarse Kosher salt ~ melt honey and pour over peanuts, add the sugar/salt, spread on a cookie sheet and roast in the oven at 350 degrees until golden brown}.

So, I decided to make something I can't burn {something that does not require cooking} . . .

Edible Nutty Playdough
  • 1 18 oz jar creamy peanut butter
  • 6 T honey
  • 3/4 cup nonfat instant dry milk (give or take depending on consistency desired)
Nutty Playdough Acorn 

File Folder Fun:

Acorn Addition and Subtraction 
Squirrel Stash
I'm posting the following video to share a little hullabaloo that goes on in our home {to keep things real}. Honestly, I am easily overstimulated by noise and know that I am growing more patient each year. When I started homeschooling, I wasn't sure that I could do what I do! but now know that this is just one way that Father is growing me. Anyways, I am working on Squirrel Math with Malachi. Nathan gets to go the park with us for a squirrel nature study since he was the hardest worker that morning (this is normally our cleaning day) so he is trying to get Eliana dressed to go. She does not want to wear the pants he picked out (or pants at all) because she is wearing a dress. {You can see her cute outfit later in my post}.

It was not my intention to teach Malachi to sound out the words, but merely to sound out some of the word to give him clues to the words. It helped. I chose this game because he is learning how to read the numeral names in his Mathletics.

Squirrel Challenge {The Outdoor Hour}

We repeated the experiment we did last year.

Squirrel Buffet.
Little Nature Explorer

I asked the little ones some of the observation questions from Lesson 57 in the Handbook of Nature Study while we waited for the squirrels:
  • Where have you seen a squirrel? in our yard, at the park, in a tree, in a hole
  • Does the squirrel trot along or leap when running? leap
  • Does it run straight ahead or stop along the way to look around? looks around
  • When climbing a tree, does it go straight up or move around the trunk? moves around the trunk
  • How does it climb a tree? with sharp claws
  • How does it get tree to tree? by jumping
Most of the squirrels we saw were grey, like this one:

 But this one was more reddish:
Is this a red squirrel?
Their top 4 foods were:
  1. Tortilla Chip
  2. Cookie
  3. Unshelled Peanuts
  4. Black Oiled Sunflower Seeds
They ate most of the food right there, but they ran off with the peanuts ~ one at a time. Elli and I followed one and watched it bury the peanut!  

"They do not have cheek pouches, so they must carry one nut at a time. Each nut is burried separately in a hole two to three inches deep; each squirrel may bury hundreds of nuts. In winter, they dig them up when food is scarce. . . ", page 201
I thought it was interesting to know that squirrels rely on their memory to find the nuts {and often do not find them all}.

Balancing like a squirrel.

Later that week, Nathan came running into the house and told me I had to come see something.

He watched a squirrel bury something by this tree.

It was a plum!

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  1. Great post! I especially liked the video. You sound so patient, I am impressed! I am working on being more patient myself.

  2. Love the video! Great study once again and I love the idea of the squirrel buffet and the careful observation that occurred as part of it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your study.

  3. I love it! Everything looks like it came together so well- don't you love it when that happens? Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Fabulous week! Your sensory tub is adorable!

  5. What a great series on squirrels! I love that they cam and ate the food you brought them :-)

  6. oh.. so... much... fun... -as usual =)
    Lots of great ideas... I wonder if Mr. Noah would like to try a sensory tub...
    and the the squirrel buffet... gotta give that a run.

    Missing you, and praying you have a wonderful week.
    Love to you, my friend!

  7. wow you have great ideas!!! Thanks soooo much for sharing =)

  8. My daughter loves The Busy Little Squirrel! Your sensory tub is awesome! What a great blog you have- I'm your newest follower!

  9. What an awesome list of ideas! Love all the pictures and you've inspired me!

  10. Oh, what a "nutty" you had- love it ALL!

  11. I just discovered that book last week at our very first story time. After the librarian read the book I knew I would love to borrow it for our S lessons, which are coming up next. Fortunately nobody else took it out. Now I am looking forward to seeing how many of your incredible ideas I will be able to incorporate.

  12. Love it!

    Arin has done that Arin math file folder game. I really like the squirrel food experiment! Great ideas as usual :)

  13. What a fun fall study!! I love the nutty playdough. We will have to try that one! Enjoy your pictures, as always.

  14. I love the squirrel buffet. All the activities were awesome. I love how you included all types of learning in them. I would love for you to link this to Read.Explore.Learn. on my blog this Friday.

  15. Well, thank you for your observation ~ because I wonder at times! Patience is always a work in progress. ;-)

  16. I love how well it all comes together in a post! Often, the activities are scattered over many days. . . but my kids are definitely catching onto the concept of focusing on a theme {book} ~ it didn't quite click, I don't think, when we did our Alphabet Fun.

  17. Thank you! We had so much fun with it!

  18. I think if he likes to play and use his imagination, he will love it! But, like I said, I was surprised that my kids would like it . . . and they loved it!

    Hope all is well with you and that you are having a great week! *Ü*

  19. Thanks Maureen! {Still waiting to hear how you are doing and watching for the arrival of your blessing!} I pray all is well!

  20. I'm so sorry I'm behind in my commenting! How much fun is this post - just FULL of fun things to do! LOVE the squirrel buffet and the nutty playdough - you are SO clever! I cannot wait to see the sensory tubs you come up with, love love love the idea of connecting them to a book!!


    PS: Thanks for linking back to me!

  21. Thanks Mari-Ann! and YW. And connecting the sensory tub to a book ~ just my little personal spin. ;-) Thanks again for inspiring me!

  22. Thanks for the inspiration! Your post finally convinced me to make a sensory bin :) You can see it, and our other Leaf Week activities here: