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Little Pear Memory Making {Sonlight Core B}

For Little Pear, we made Tanghulars for a fun memory making treat. Also called Bing Tang Hu Lu, they are sugar-coated Chinese hawthorns on a stick. We made ours with cherries, so they would look authentic. We put them on skewers and dipped them in a hot medium syrup that I brought to a boil and we enjoyed our candied cherries on a stick! 

As you can see, they were super sticky!  So sticky, that Malachi lost his spacer. He doesn't need it anymore, but it did require a trip to the dentist to make sure. I didn't boil the syrup long enough - it needs to come to a hard-crack stage, so 302 degrees F, so they are more like a hard candy coating, like candy apples maybe? 


Holli said...

I would love to make these with my kids this week as we wrap up Little Pear. Can you be more specific in how you made the syrup?

Michelle said...

Hi Holli, I followed the directions in my Ball Canning & Preserving book for a "medium syrup." Maybe this will help? http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_02/syrups.html

Holli said...

Thank you!!

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