Open Ended Art - Tissue Paper

I have been wanting to let my little ones do more open ended art, so I am happy to participate with Open Ended Art, a weekly meme at Teaching My Little Bookworm.
Theme: Tissue Paper
My intention was to give them a variety of colors and shapes of tissue paper, glue, paintbrushes and sponges, cardstock, glass and glass jars and just let them create. I tried really hard not to "fix" their work (hardest with the littlest) and tried to emphasize the process rather than the end product. That was hard because I did have an end result in mind by offering them glass jars - see Susana's post here. (I'll do better next time). Even so, they surprised me with their creativity!


Susana said...

I LOVE the vehicles!!!! They are so cool! They did a great job. Of course, I think the glass jars look super too:-)!

Kathy said...

What a cool idea. I went to the website via the link, and it was helpful to remember NOT to ask the question I usually do ask: "What is it?" Homeschooling truly is educating both the child and the teacher! I love it!!!

Elsie said...

I love this art project:) How much fun it is to just give them stuff and let them create. I can't wait to try this with Halle and Carter.

Anonymous said...

Chel -
Great creativity! I loved all the created art to you soon - Andi

Raising a Happy Child said...

Your kids are incredibly creative. I loved the glass jars projects - it wouldn't even occur me to add them to the list of available supplies. Thanks for sharing!

Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

I love their work! And it's hard for me, too, not to fix my 3-year-old's art.

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