Lesson Planet

Lesson Planet is an online curriculum search engine that is designed to save teachers time by hosting a database of relevant teacher resources, lesson plans, worksheets, and more.

Features include:
  • Searching by keyword, grade level and overall rating
  • Clicking the Narrow, Related or My Recent Searches keyword options
  • Browsing for reviewed resources by Subject, Calendar or Theme
  • Exploring relevant State Standards, matched to each member’s state
  • Utilizing Advanced Search to narrow by duration, method, technology, and more

The database hosts 150,000 teacher reviewed online lesson plans, that are categorized by rating and grade.

Price: $39.95 per year.

In theory this would be a good idea. . . if it were free. My first reaction was that I was not that impressed with it. It seems more geared towards public school teachers and I just didn't find it that helpful. For several weeks, I searched for relevant lesson plans and worksheets for our current topics of study but I did not find anything that I found useful. Part of the reason is that I already have a curriculum and am looking for supplemental activities, so I am guessing that this would be more beneficial for those who are creating their own lesson plans or for public school teachers seeking to meet state standards for an activity.

In a recent search, I looked for activities to go along with the book Good Night Moon. I did not find any relevant searches pertaining to the book. However, when I searched "moon" I found an activity specifically geared towards the book. So, the search engine still needs to be optimized for better performance. Also, the worksheet I found was a worksheet that I had already found using a regular search engine. I did find several other worksheets that pertained to the moon that were helpful though.

I highly recommend you use the free 10 day trial if you think this is something that might interest you and check out my crew mate's reviews to see what they think of Lesson Planet.

I received a trial membership for the purpose of this review and no further compensation was received. In exchange, I offer my honest opinion and review. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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