Calender and Morning Board {Routine!}

We started school this week! I did not think I was ready, had not finished organizing the school room (dining room), but finishing up this project was a huge motivator for me to just do it. (I debated waiting a week or two until I was "ready." Well, I figured life will go on no matter what, so we might as well jump in.) We have had a great week so far, so I am glad we did!

Here is how we are starting our day:

This is geared towards Malachi mostly. I started homeschooling when Dylan was in 5K (he is now in 5th grade). 


I made a calender for Dylan and Nathan (1st grade at the time) much like the one below:

I made this one on foam poster board (just like the Morning Board below) and added a border that I picked up from Dollar Tree. The apples came from Dollar Tree too ~ I wrote the number on with a thick Sharpie, laminated them and attached them with velcro dots. I made the days of the week and months cards and laminated them too. 

We follow the Biblical calender as well, so I included both. On months that we remember the Feast days, we will track the Biblical days on the calender with smaller numbers that I will make. (I'm thinking little worms with numbers on them would be so cute! and then I could place them in the upper right hand corner above the apple). I have until the 10th of next month to figure it out!

I also bought various borders and cards so I could change the calender periodically.

To help learn the days of the week, I sing the "Today Is" song in English, while I point to the day on the calender:

And then I added some Hebrew to the song.:

Today is - Hayom
Yom - day
Etmol - yesterday
Machar - tomorrow

Maybe we will add more Hebrew as we learn some more! 

I bought this apple pointer to go along with our apple themed calender. =) I use it to teach Malachi, and then he uses it to show me what he remembers. 

The Morning Board:

The idea and inspiration for the Morning Board comes from:
Check these sites for links to printables! 

I added a few of my own elements to the board ~ below the "Days in School" spot, I added plastic cups to hold ones, tens, and hundreds straws (little coffee straws). As soon as he gets to ten, I will add the tens cup. The ones are green, the tens are red and the hundred are blue. (I love the visual of this!)

I added a spot for Character Quality cards that I printed from Sarah's Sweeties (thanks to Jolanthe for the link!). Rather than printing them full size, I printed them 9 to a page. Each day, I let the little ones pick a new character quality. I read the card to them (the card includes the quality, the definition, and a Bible verse) and we talk as a family about how we can display that quality throughout the day.

Eliana does the weather (she checks the sky and then hangs the card while I sing the weather song), and Malachi does the temperature. I decided to not have him fill the thermometer in all the way because dry erase marker does not erase well on the laminated pages. 

I also added a "Let's Learn Hebrew" spot and a Telling Time spot. I will add Hebrew vocabulary words once we learn the Hebrew on the Board. I ask Malachi for the time in Hebrew, repeat in English, he looks at the time on the stove, then tells me the time (I say "the time is" in Hebrew ~ hasha'a ~ so he will learn) and then he sets the time on the clock. (He can read digital, but is learning to use an analog clock). We also count by fives to 60 on the clock each day so he will learn. 

Then below the Telling Time spot, I have a Signing Time spot labeled with Numbers, Letters, and Words. We are using Signing Time videos and flash cards to learn American Sign Language. We are all learning these.

Below the Calender and Morning Board, I have a rain gutter book shelf that is only for B4FIAR books that we are rowing and any accompanying books.

Next to this (just in case you were wondering), is our All About Spelling white board.

Right after Calender and Morning Board time, Malachi does his 5K work.  Then we do B4FIAR while the older boys do their independent work. This works great because the younger two are content to play afterwards while I do school with the boys. 

I am not usually a "routine person," but I am loving our morning routine and it has gotten us off to a great start this week.  


  1. That turned out great! Makes me want to make one, though Bobbin might not think it is funny or educational...LOL!

  2. wow, love it! karen
    sippy cup central mom

  3. Yahoo! for morning time/circle time/or square time if you live in our house! Love your activities. Looks a lot like our activities. Great idea for adding the Hebrew. We are going to be studying Greek . . . so that gives me an idea. Thanks for sharing! Oh, we added the cup for the days too and with each new day a Popsicle stick gets added!

  4. way to just do it! i too jumped right in this week. i don't think i'm ever "ready."
    have a blessed school year.
    pax - ena

  5. Thanks for the calendar/morning board ideas! I bet my boys would enjoy that. I'm glad you shared when you do BFIAR with Malachi because I was trying to figure out when to work my little guy in to the routine and hadn't figured it out andwas going to ask you. He seems interested, but trying to figure out when was difficult for me. We started All About Spelling this year, too.

  6. I'm so glad you are using the Godly character traits! What a neat way to do it! Your board looks fantastic! Have a blessed school year!

  7. SO glad that I saw this because it gave me an idea to help conserve some space on our board!!!!! :) LOVE it!!

  8. The rain gutter is such a great idea. I'm giving you the Cherry on Top Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  9. I love the ideas for signing. I teach my preschoolers sign language and I think I will try to add this idea to our circle time board. Also - vis-a-vis markers wash off of lamination very nicely. They are what I use for the parent board in the hall. It gets washed every day and holds up well.

  10. Oh. My. Word.

    My jaw just dropped open!! Michelle! That is the most organized thing Ive ever seen! LOL Its wonderful...good for, will you come to my house and get me organized like that! Oy!

  11. Hi, thank you so much for the tip on printing several pages on one sheet! I've wondered how and wished we could until you pointed it out so I looked at the printing screen and found it!!! Thank you so much! Great calendar board! :)

  12. I am not sure I am ever ready either. =)

  13. So far this routine worked all week ~ let's hope it does next. I will let you know if I have any other suggestions. =) Hope you love AAS!

  14. Conserving space is good ~ but knowing you, so is reorganizing that space and best of all ~ having a reason to do it. ;-)

    Thank you for all your awesome links and homeschool helps, too!

  15. Karen, thank you so much for the vis-a-vis suggestion! I went and bought 2 packs right after I read your comment. Thank you!

  16. If only Costa Rica was not so far away. =)

  17. I LOVE your Morning Board Michelle (and all your creative school projects). Oh, but if only my girls were little again. I do want to incorporate Biblical Hebrew though this you get your word ideas from any certain curriculum or just pick a word at radom? And how do YOU learn to pronounce these Hebrew words...I'm the world's worst an phonics...growing up on Dick & Jane and site reading, ya know. Blessings!

  18. Thank you so much for your suggestion on AAS. My daughter has picked it up so quickly. I wanted to ask if you could recommend a book or resource for festivals. We are studying Jewish history and I would like to add that to our family. Thanks

  19. We're trying the morning board idea out this year. I love your idea for the straws! I noticed the dry erase problem on the second day too! I panicked for a moment b/c it wouldn't come off my beautiful new morning board printable! =) Just wanted to say that the wet-erase markers wipe easily off of laminated sheets with a damp paper towel.

  20. Hi Sherry,

    The best resource for studying the festivals is Scripture. =) For kids, the Grapevine study called Biblical Feasts and Holy Days is a great resource. You can read my review here: If you want my thoughts on keeping the festivals as scattered Israel, please email me!

    Glad you like AAS!

  21. Thank you ~ I hope it works out well for you! And the wet erase are working slick! I went out and bought two packs and keep them handy. =)

  22. Often times you can find the pronunciation online. I had a friend teach us some Hebrew and we are focusing on that ~ you can read what we have done for Hebrew here: Basically, we just picked a theme, looked the words up and practiced them. I need more work in the area of studying them diligently ~ it helps to use them in everyday conversatins, so when we finish reviewing (aka re-learn the words we were taught) then we will add a few more that will replace common words we use (like "what time is it?") There are lots of sites online that offer pronunciation, meaning, etc. . . but some do vary on spelling and pronunciation!

  23. Hi Beverly,

    To print more than one page per sheet, I adjust the print settings. I click to print the document, then in my printer settings I click on Layout, then click on Pages per Sheet and choose the number I want. I printed 9 per page to get the size on my board. Hope it works for you! It saves so much room. =)

  24. Thank you so much for this post! It could not have come at a more opportune time as I have been searching for a complete system of organizing our homeschool day. My favorite is the shelf! This has been such a blessing. God Bless.

  25. Your welcome! I hope it works out well for you. Some mornings it is hard to get going, but I find that it helps us focus on the start of our day. . . then we flow right into it. The shelf is very helpful too. I have them in our play room for books too ~ you can see that here and also one under our chalkboard to hold chalk and catch chalk dust.

    Blessings to you!

  26. I'm so impressed by your boards and routine. Thanks for the closeup pictures and details with how you do everything. I'm going to use some of them for our little preschool.

  27. You're welcome! Hope you enjoy it. *Ü*

  28. Love this board. Just wondering what font and size you used for section headings.


  29. Wow, your morning board ideas are great! I love how you added learning Hebrew to your board! This gave me an idea of adding Spanish to ours. If you don't mind, what font did you use and how can I make ours? Thanks a bunch!

  30. Thank you! and glad that it inspired you!

    The font is called "Love ya like a sister" and you can download it for free. Have fun!

  31. Just wondering what program you made Let's Learn Hebrew? Wanted to make one for our calendar board.
    Thanks, Caterina

  32. I made the label in a regular word processor ~ the font is "Love ya
    like a sister" to match the other printables (the font is a free
    download). =)

  33. Quick question.... why Hebrew? I'm thinking about adding Latin onto our daily board, just wondering why you chose Hebrew? I had considered Greek, but haven't even thought about Hebrew... now you have me thinking.

  34. Hi Amber, =)

    Some say Hebrew will be the language of the Kingdom to come. Hebrew is
    supposedly the only pure language left that has not been defiled by
    pagan deities. It's a beautiful language. It helps us to understand
    the Law, the Prophets and the Writings (Old Covenant).

    Greek would be a wonderful choice as well. Yeshua (the Hebrew name of
    Jesus) spoke Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic (the common languages of His
    day). Hebrew is hard ~ like Greek, it has to be transliterated. I have
    actually been considering Spanish, lol, cuz it would be easier (I
    think also because Latin would flow nicely right into Spanish). :p

    Btw, I'm lovin' your homeschool posts. =)



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