Around the World in 80 Days: Chapters 21-24

Chapter 21: In Which the Master of the Tankadere Runs Great Risk of Losing a Reward of Two Hundred Pounds  The Tankadere runs into bad weather.
The one thing that stuck out to us in this chapter is Phileas Fogg's coolness and ability to remain calm and taciturn even when faced with a typhoon which could most certainly keep them from reaching their destination in time. However, to Phileas Fogg, "it seemed just as if the typhoon were a part of his programme."  We discussed how much more we should be calm and trusting when faced with adversity! Even when things do not go according to our plan, they always go according to His plan! This has given me much peace as I reflect on James 1:2-4.
Chapter 22: In Which Passepartout Finds Out That, Even at the Antipodes, it is Convenient to Have Some Money in One's Pocket After a trip on the Carnatic, Passepartout, who has been separated from his master, wanders the streets of Yokohama devising a way to find change for a meal.
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Map and history of Tokyo Bay
  • Japanese architecture
Chapter 23: In Which Passepartout's Nose Becomes Outrageously Long
Passepartout joins a traveling circus in hopes of traveling to the States. In a surprising way, he is rejoined to Mr. Fogg and Auoda. 
  • Discussion questions from the Trail Guide
  • 19th century Japanese art, entertainment and theatre

Chapter 24: During Which Mr. Fogg and Party Cross the Pacific Ocean
On board the General Grant, an American Steamer, they make it to San Francisco having arrived not a day early or a day late, but right on time!