Around the World in 80 Days: Chapters 5-8

Chapter 5: In which a New Species of Funds, Unknown to the Moneyed Men, Appears on 'Change.
Phileas Fogg becomes quite a news sensation with people all over England wagering for and against him in his attempt to go around the world in eighty days. Some even feel sorry for him and believe he has been taken advantage of by friends who would allow him to make such a bet. All support for Phileas abruptly disappears, however, when it is supposed that his sudden departure is to hide the fact that he is the bank robber! 
  • Vocabulary: aberration, espoused, minutely
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide to World Geography
  • Locate France, Italy and the cities of Turin and Brindisi in Italy. 
Chapter 6: In Which Fix, the Detective, Betrays a Very Natural Impatience.
A detective named Mr. Fix waits for the steamboat, Mongolia, to apprehend Phileas Fogg, whom he believes is a bank robber. Mr. Fix is approached by a servant who inquires where his master’s passport should be visaed. Mr. Fix directs the servant (whom we later find out is none other than Passepartout) to bring his master to him. Mr. Fix hopes that the servant’s master will be Phileas Fogg.
  • Vocabulary: plied, quay, scrutinized, panorama, importunate, visaed, indispensable
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • History of the Suez Canal
  • Locate Egypt, the Suez Canal, Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden and Aden on map
  • Learn about steamers. 
Chapter 7: Which Once More Demonstrates the Uselessness of Passports as Aids to Detectives.
Phileas Fogg and Passepartout go to have their passports visaed. Detective Fix would like to arrest Phileas on the spot but he doesn’t have enough proof that it is actually Phileas who has robbed the bank.
  • Vocabulary: rogue, inscribe, itinerary, stipulated, wont
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Learn how to obtain a passport. Get an application from the Clerk of District Court at the courthouse and fill out. 
  • Writing Assignment: Pretend you are Passepartout. Write a page in your diary telling all that has happened since you were hired by Mr. Phileas Fogg. Begin your page with the words “Dear Diary.” 
Chapter 8: In Which Passepartout Talks Rather More, Perhaps, Than Is Prudent.
Detective Fix decides to strike up a conversation with Passepartout to gather more information about Phileas and his hasty departure from London. Passepartout leaks details about their trip that make Detective Fix suspicious that Phileas Fogg is the robber. Detective Fix sends a telegram to the London police that he needs a warrant for Fogg’s arrest. Then he boards the Magnolia to continue his pursuit of Phileas Fogg.
  • Vocabulary: volubly, fob, defiant, impenetrable, cogitating, equanimity 
  • Discussion questions from Trail Guide
  • Learn about telegraphs
  • Talk about time zones
Along with our mapwork, we are also making mini books for a lapbook and will share that when we are all done.