Let's Go Camping!

I love camping . . . in my motorhome! Here are some pictures from our trip last weekend. 

Cuddly Campers


It was dark and rainy when we woke up early Sunday morning. By what seemed like late morning, the rain slowed down, the sun came out and we ventured out.  I thought for sure it must be 10 o'clock, but it was only 8:30! We must have gotten up really early before the sun was up! I'm laughing thinking about it now, because I like to sleep in until after the sun has been up for awhile. Nothing like camping to get me up early.

If there was only one thing I could post on this blog post, it would be the smell of the mountain air.  I could wake up to that every morning.

Around the Fire

Jordan made a campfire pit. He dug a hole and lined it with flat rocks and then made a ring of rocks around the top. I was pleased with how well he built it. 

Nathan and Dylan built their own, but I had them join efforts with Jordan, as theirs was not as safe. . . but a good first try!

Campfire Cookin'

We roasted some Hebrew National hot dogs on a stick.

S'more great moments

Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow fluff, wrapped up in tin foil and set by the fire to warm made a special camping treat for us. 

On the Trail

Just enjoying the day.

Going on a nature walk with Malachi.

We were studying the letter N for preschool.

Nathan's first tree that he chopped down with an ax.

Luke and the boys had anticipated chopping down a few trees and splitting it for firewood, but couldn't get the chain saw started. Determined as he was to accomplish something, he managed to chop down his first tree with an ax (well, half a tree anyways).

Jordan was determined to saw off the branches of the tree and happily worked away at them. 
He worked hard and was happy that we let him drive for a little before we got to the main road. 

This young man really wants to grow up! He wants to be old enough to do this or that, but doesn't want to grow up until we have a chance to homestead. He doesn't want to miss out on that . . . an neither do I.