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Tot School ~ Dancing Raisins

Tot School
~Eliana is 27 months~
I didn't have any activities planned for Tot School this week. I did manage to catch her playing with the dressing bear puzzle.
And we did an experiment to see some raisins dance. Check out Leslie's post, called Dancing Raisins, for full instructions. Just be sure to read her instructions and follow them! If you do like I do and don't pay attention, then make sure you at least have a towel handy. :-)
My little ones really enjoyed this. Thanks Leslie!
I know we had messes of play dough (as we do at the moment), puzzles, games, etc. out and about, so there must have been more. But, this is all I caught.
I did spend some time finding some new ideas for Tot School that I will share soon. In the mean time, see what everyone else is doing for Tot School at 1+1+1=1. And thank you to Carissa for hosting Tot School. :-)