I am working on assembling our portfolio for the 2008-2009 school year. Here is what I am including, so far:
  • Cover page
  • Legal Papers - copies of state homeschool requirements, copy of letter of intent, plan of instruction, response letter
  • Course of study, learning objectives, children's ages, reported grade level, birthdate and a current photo
  • Curriculum/resource list - copyo f front cover and table of contents
  • Samples of work/printed blog posts, field trip reports, photographs
  • Reading lists/reading charts
  • Assessments
  • Extra curricular activities/sports schedules/volunteer work
This all goes in a 3-ring binder.


Since we notebook many of our subjects, each child will keep their notebooks as their personal record of what they have learned. We have language arts notebooks/journals, geography notebooks and science notebooks.
These are some of the books we have done in the past and are currently working on.


We have a working notebook which is a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors. When we finish a book, we have the notebook bound with a clear plastic cover on the front and cardstock on the back. I store finished books in a magazine holder on the book shelf. The finished notebooks are an accomplishment that we can look back on remember all that we have learned!

We are not required by law to record keep or submit a portfolio in Wyoming, but I feel this is right for us and a part of homeschooling "heartily as unto the Lord!"

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