Tot School ~ "Pretty" Matching, Button Sewing, Sequencing and Scooping

~Eliana is 28 months~

Here is what we did for Tot School last week.

"Pretty" Color Matching

Matching pink clips to pink headbands. Elli loves pink and she loves matching the "pretties"on this tray.
She doesn't care to wear the headbands but she will wear the little scrunchies. She is better about letting me do her hair. I have her pick the color and she usually picks pink, but now that we are matching colors, I ask her to pick a color that matches her dress. Half the time she will choose a color that matches, other times she still wants pink. I also started asking her how many pretties she wants in her hair and let her choose how we do her hair. I try to make sure she is dressed and her hair is combed in the morning before we do tot school, so that she knows this is a set apart time.

This is her favorite tray and I only photographed it once, but she did this tray many times throughout the week!

Button Sewing

I used Children's Needles, large buttons in pretty colors and matching embroidery floss. Her job was to match the colored thread and needle to the right button and sew! This is her first button sewing and I would love to include more activities like this one. She did a good job matching the colors. The needles were a little tight going through the button holes, so after she threaded it, I helped her pull them through and then let her finish. I think I will try this again with a regular yarn needle because it is such a practical skill for her.

What Does Not Belong?

Elli passed this tray up several times over the last two weeks, so I encouraged her to try it. Her job was to find the picture that does not relate to the other ones. I began by saying, "this is an animal, this is an animal, this is an animal, this is not an animal . . . which one is different?" Then I let her try on her own, but she still needed oral prompting. This activity is a free printable from Montessori for Everyone. I discovered this wonderful site from a blog I shared last week - My Montessori Journey. There are many wonderful printable ideas for Tot Trays!

Story Sequencing

This is another printable from Montessori for Everyone. Her job was to put them in order, which happened first, second and last. Doing this activity prompted her to ask to paint! So we made handprints.

Making Handprints

Malachi is doing reinforcement activities for the letter H, so we thought this was a good idea to go along.


Another H activity. We hopped around the living room, like a frog, a kangaroo, a bunny and any other animal we could think of that hopped!

More Story Sequencing and Picture Cards

With Mali's help, we were able to do a few more story/picture cards while we ate "ants on a log."

Scooping Watermelon

This was a spontaneous exercise and good scooping practice. She loves watermelon, so this was a fun activity!

Playing at the Park


We spent a day at the park playing with cousins.

And that is what we did last week! To see what others are doing for Tot School, visit 1+1+1=1.


  1. So glad you like the free downloads! I love seeing them "in action". So cute!

  2. I love the button sewing...and all of your pictures are so beautiful!!

  3. I like the pictures of your daugther in the swing. Really captures childlike fun!! Love her expression.

  4. What a beautiful week! We love tot school :)