Egg in the Basket

We usually have homemade granola for breakfast. Long gone are the days of boxed cereal and I am not missing it one bit. However, we are looking for ways to add more protein and variety to our morning meal. Here is our favorite of late.

Jordan has mastered the "egg in a basket," also known as "hen in a nest," "egg in the hole," and "cowboy egg." We have just been calling it "fried egg toast" or "sunshine toast."

My husband would be happy with granola everyday.  He is so easy going.  The rest of us . . .well, we need to work on that. 
I have one problem. I have committed to stop buying "store bought" bread, even the organic stuff. It is not real bread, is expensive, and while it is great in a pinch, I am determined to get back in the grove of making my own. 

And I will be on the search for simple, economical "made from scratch" breakfast ideas. 


  1. We rarely ever have eggs for breakfast. I sometimes fix some sort of something with eggs for lunch, but it's usually a dinner item. I like to make sausage (deer) and egg biscuits for dinner sometimes. Anyway, what I was going to say was we need a lot of carbs in the morning, mostly carbs (and some fat) for lunch, with a little protein. Then, we need mostly protein (with some more fat) at the evening meal with very little (or no) carbs. We don't really need protein in the morning. We need carbs for energy. We need protein in the evening, b/c the body will need to rebuild while we sleep at night, but we don't need energy.

    Neat-looking breakfast, though! ;-)

  2. I see what you are saying. I'm not against carbs in the morning, but granola and typical breakfast carbs are too sweet for me in the morning and make me feel sick.

  3. I'm not into too sweet things then, either. The things I make most often are oatmeal, muffins (different kinds), and cereal bars. I don't heavily sweeten any of it. I sometimes do pancakes (Will LOVES them), and I usually make a lightly sweetened blueberry topping. I hate syrup (it'll make me sick-feeling, like you mentioned), so if I ever use it, I don't use much.

    What's your favorite way to eat eggs in a breakfast setting? Or does it depend on the day? LOL

    Happy sabbath!

  4. My favorite way to eat eggs in the morning is with a glass of fresh orange juice on the side. :-)