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Tackle It Tuesday - School Room Edition

Tackle It Tuesday Meme 

 I really wanted to participate with ABC & 123's Picnic Table Talk on organization, but the truth is, I am not feeling very organized right now and you are about to see why. It seems my desk has become a hot spot and one that I cannot keep out no matter how many hot spot fire drills I do. How can I be organized in such clutter? So, I set out to tackle the clutter bug! And what was supposed be a Tackle It Tuesday turned into a Tackle it Week!

I somehow lost my camera during the process, and what you missed out on seeing was my living room covered with stuff. We pulled everything out of the closet and went through it all!

It took several days and after awhile, I was following the 4 rules for decluttering:
  1. Do it
  2. Dump it
  3. Delegate it
  4. Delay it
And I whole heartedly followed the rule, "If in doubt, throw it out!" And I can't tell you what that stuff was because I don't miss it one bit!

Here is my dining room, which is also where we school.


I made this space into more of a school room.


I moved my desk in there, along with the workboxes, and added a folding table for more student work space. I love it!

It also doubles as a sewing room, and I think it will make a nice place for the boys to work on projects that we don't want to have to move during dinner time, or for when I finally decide to get caught up on my scrapbooking! Now that the clutter and junk has been decluttered and dejunked, I can start organizing! That will be my Tackle project for this week and hopefully I can share more about how I organize our homeschool stuff and what that looks like using the workbox system. :-)

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