Canning Butter

I have been feeling very productive these past couple weeks! We store a lot of whole grains, peas, beans, rice, and other dried foods, but I really wanted to have butter in our food storage. So, this is my first try at canning butter! I followed a picture tutorial at Frugal's Forum and found this video on canning butter to be helpful.

We began by unwrapping 12 pounds of butter - all I could fit in my pan, otherwise I would have done more!

I had two of the sweetest little helpers who were happy to unwrap the butter . . .

. . . and lick the wrappers. :-)

Then I had them go play while I finished.

  1. Melting butter

  2. Almost melted

  3. Starting to foam

  4. Foamy!

  5. Spooned the foam off and placed in a jar to use and boiled the butter for 5 minutes

  6. Ladled butter into hot steralized jars and sealed with a lid and ring and set them on the counter to cool. (While they cool, you shake them to keep the butter from separating)

I made 24 pints (24 cups) and butter canned this way has a 2 year shelf life! We will save it for hard times - it will be a treat to have butter on homemade bread!

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  1. Awesome! I am sooooo wanting to try this. Though I am unable to blog at this time in my life, I L.O.V.E. to follow and it is neat to see all you are doing.