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Crayon Doodles and T-Shirt Crayon Design

Activity: Open-Ended Art with Teaching My Little Bookworm
Medium: Crayon Crayon is a fun medium to work! Here is what we did:
Crayon Doodles - "Relaxing Doodles"
I had them do this activity while I read to them. It was a "relaxing" activity and encouraged listening! I love that Nathan found a picture of a bird in his doodle design and the vibrant colors of the crayons. I love that Jordan's is pleasant and relaxing to look at!
T-Shirt Crayon Design
We put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and then taped it around to make it tight. It was still a little hard to color on the T-Shirt because it is stretchy, so I held the material taught for Malachi. I also helped him by retracing his design so that the crayon would be heavy enough to fix when heated.
We placed a piece of newspaper over the shirt and then ironed. I let Mali iron with a cool iron and then I finished with a hot iron to fix the crayon to the T-Shirt permanently.
He was very happy with his new "Undercover Tank" shirt!
When I asked him to tell me about it, he said that it was an "undercover tank." I asked why it did not have wheels, and he said that it did, but they were hidden - thus an "undercover" tank! I thought that was very creative! He then explained that the wheels were inside the tank and then drew where they would be inside. He also asked me to write his name and "Undercover Tank" on his shirt. *Just a heads up! In the instructions for this activity, it says, "The picture will stay indefinitely." Then in the "Helpful Hints" it says "The color will last only if the fabric is washed in cool water with a non-detergent soap."
Big thanks to Shannon for hosting open-ended art! Head on over to her blog to see other creative art using crayon!