Got Cabbage? Make Sauerkraut!

"This fun, fermented food is delicious, easy to make and good for you."

I began my first adventure with lacto-fermenting cabbage last week! You may be thinking right now that you do not even like sauerkraut, or you have never tried it, but homemade sauerkraut is the best!

I began with the biggest cabbage I have ever seen! I bought these from an mennonite farmer at our local Farmer's Market.

Here is the jist of what I did - although the article I link to above will give you more detail:

  1. Shred a head of cabbage and put it in a bucket (or crock designed for this)

  2. Sprinkle 3 T of Canning and Preserving Salt (I used a little more since my cabbage were so big)

  3. Repeat 1 and 2 until your bucket is full (or you run out of cabbage)

  4. Place a dinner sized plate over the cabbage and put something heavy on it (a clean rock or a gallon bag full of water - I put it in a bowl in case the bag fell over or leaked)

  5. Place a clean cloth or flour sack towel over the bucket and let it ferment!

  6. Skim the scum off the top as it forms.

  7. Wait 3 or 4-6 weeks! (I read 3 but was told 6 by my boy's grandpa - he makes the best sauerkraut! I never liked it until I had his! And I don't like store bought sauerkraut even now!)

Eww! This is my first time making it, and while it looks gross, it doesn't smell bad at all. :-)

When it is ready, I will let you know how it comes out!

*Update ~ See the results of our experiment here!*

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  1. OK, this is too much:-)--you are blowing me away with all that you have been up to the last few weeks!