Homeschool Highlights #2


I really want to write about what we did for Biblical History this week and the amazing things we learned about the first week of history, the very first people that walked on this earth, and what happened to them, but that will be in another post. I could also write about our new science because we finished lesson 1 and 2 this week and learned some cool chemistry apparatus vocabulary and did a couple experiments.

Like these ones:

Looking for all those chemicals that we will be studying about in Chemistry.

Even though we usually only buy natural products, ours were still fun to check out. I think the Tom's of Maine toothpaste's ingredients was a hit ~ "You mean there is water in toothpaste!" (lol, I think that was Nathan by the way.) The goal of this experiment was to find chemicals in our everyday products. We avoid chemicals, but I should now say that we avoid synthetic chemicals (except for when I am desperate). God made chemicals after all. And, hey, water is a chemical substance ~ and it is in our toothpaste!

Using a little homeschool style chemistry apparatus ~ it's a beaker, can't you tell? Just a quick little measuring experiment for Chemistry.

This past week we plugged along in our regular studies (all the regular stuff I mentioned last week) and we had a good week for getting things done and I absolutely love being in the Word for the majority of our group time.

Also, I have decided that we will have group time after our workboxes are completed (boxes have time cards on them, so the workboxes are our schedule), but here is what I decided to do (just now).
The other subjects we do daily.

Coming up this week is The First Week of History, Creation for Little Ones, Q is for Quilt, Tot School and a review on the Workbox System.

Oh, and we get to add one more subject this week. I am really excited for this one, but I will share about that next week.

Have a great week!


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  2. Just this last week I took the liberty of sending a link to your blog, a post you did on planning back in January, I believe. Your honesty as you write is a gentle reminder to the rest of us to talk to the Lord aobut what He wants in our Homeschooling day and family. Thank you, Michelle.

  3. Horray for the second weekly review post! I have struggeld with the same thoughts for my weekly review posts - is anyone else really wanting to read this? Let me tell you two things.
    First, we all love reading about someone else's homeschool. It gets us thinking about new things to try and reminds us everyone else has regular days, good days, and not so good days.
    Second, stay the course on these posts and you will have an amazing blessing. On the days when you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or wondering if everyone else gets more done than you go reread these posts. We just finished our 20th week in review post. I don't really remember what we were doing 12 or 18 or 20 weeks ago with each child. Or if we've really accomplished anything at all in the last 20 weeks. I can (an do) go back and read the old posts to remind myself that not only are we getting things done in homeschool, we're doing it with God's help. It is a great record of the lessons I didn't plan, that God planned. It is a great record of the unexpected trials and the unexpected blessings.

  4. Of course people want to see what you did- your ideas are always fantastic! It makes me look forward to my kids 'older' years :)

  5. Michelle,

    Lots of homeschoolers love to read about other people's weeks. It gives us inspiration and encouragement.

    A small note on your chemistry and organic comment. Really, when you speak of organic and chemistry together it just means the molecules contain carbon. Organic chemistry actually contains very little about living chemistry. Unless when you consider that coal and petroleum used to be living. Biochemistry on the other hand is all about the processes in our bodies and other living organisms.

  6. organic |ôrˈganik|
    1 of, relating to, or derived from living matter : organic soils.
    • Chemistry of, relating to, or denoting compounds containing carbon (other than simple binary compounds and salts) and chiefly or ultimately of biological origin [living matter]. Compare with inorganic [non-living matter].

    So you see organic means living or from living matter, of which contains carbon. *Ü*

    Inspiration, motivation, encouragement, accountability, record keeping ~ these are all wonderful reasons to do a weekly. I guess I am struggling with a weekly verses topical posts. That has been my style thus far, so I am having a hard time breaking away from that. However, when I am doing a topical post, I leave many things out about our week that I could be sharing about more freely (but don't because I tend to stick with the "topic") and perhaps that has it's place in a weekly.


  7. Love to read your inspiring and all you need is a good field trip to CR to write about! LOL