Q is for Quilt

~Malachi is 4 years 8 months~

Our activities this past week were quite simple and centered on the letter Q. The sound this letter stands for is actually two letters (qu) - /kw/ as in quiet. 

Bible: (Sing the Word from A-Z) 
Quench not the Spirit, quench not the Spirit, quench not the Spirit, first Thessalonians five, nineteen.

The Josefina Story Quilt, by Eleanor Coerr 
The Patchwork Quilt, by Valerie Flournoy 
The Name Quilt, by Phyllis Root 
Eight Hands Round: A Patchwork Alphabet, by Ann Whitford 
Papa and the Pioneer Quilt, by Jean Van Leeuwen


Theme words - quilt, queen, quick, quarter, question, and quiet (my favorite one) 


Q is for Quilt
Go for the Code activities
Q is for Quilt from Homeschool Share
Q is for Quick
Quick as a Cricket activities from Homeschool Share ~ Mali is "driving" the car quickly.

Q is for a Queen's crown

Another project from Homeschool Share.
And my favorite:

Practice Being Quiet (shhh)

Q is for Quarter:
We divide a sandwich and our cookie into quarters.

Quarter Rubbings
Homeschool Creation's How Many Quarters? printout was perfect for Mali - he loves money!

I have been using a Kumon book for math and while it was great for a time (I bought it because I had heard of so many that like them), and (I hate to say this because so many like them) but I really don't and neither does Malachi. I will continue to use the cutting book that I have for him, but we are ditching the Book of Numbers. I am really looking for something that will take him beyond rote drill and actually get him to think and apply himself ~ and I think I may have found my answer. I hope to share more about that in the near future.

Q Scrapbook
Mali's Q page.
Scrapbooking Supplies

I thought I would share what we are using for scrapbooking supplies ~ just the very basics. The top two paper packs are the Best Occasions 12x12 Textured Cardstock, and the Alphabet Punch-Out Pack (both in the scrapbooking section at Walmart). The stickers are from a local book store, and I really like them, but because they are reusable, we have to glue them down with rubber cement. They are fun and colorful, so I don't mind.

Up next: the letter X. Oh, and I should probably mention that in the wintertime, you will see the little ones in their feet pajamas a lot ~ they are just so warm and cozy and it gets cold here living in a big, old house in Wyoming.

And thanks to Jolanthe for hosting another week of The Preschool Corner ~ be sure to visit her blog to see what she and others are doing in their preschool corner.


  1. Footie pjs are the best. Too bad they do not make them for adults. Wood floors can be very cold in the Winter. =)


  2. Love that crown and the scrapbooking stuff! :) Your new blog header is great!!!

    Thanks for joining up again - you always have wonderful ideas!


  3. I am impressed that you found so many Q activities. That queen crown made me giggle - it took so much glitter. I really like your scrapbook pages - you are so very talented.