Z is for Zoo

~Malachi is 4 years 7 months~
(Sing the From Word A-Z)
"Zion hears and is glad . . . " Psalm 97:8-9 

If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss
Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire
Z is For Zookeeper, A Zoo Alphabet, by Marie and Roland Smith (A neat book with rhyming text for younger children and more detailed text for older children ~ great for an older/younger sibling read aloud). 


Zip a dee do dah ~ I sing this to the kids in morning whenever I wake them up. *Ü*
Zig Zag Zoom

Zebra Stripes

Mali added black yarn stripes to a printout of a horse to make a zebra. I got this idea from ABC Teach's member site (specific links are to member pages). Mali also did a worksheet from ABC Teach on the Letter Z, in which he circled all the items that begin with the letter Z. (Review of ABC Teach coming soon).

Z Scrapbook

Zebra Puzzle

Malachi loves puzzles so this was a hit.

Zoo Animal Bingo

We used the Zoo Bingo Cards and Zoo Bingo Check Off Sheet from ABC Teach (links to member's site) and played Zoo Bingo. Malachi loves games, so this was fun for him.

Zig Zag Cutting

Mali loves to cut, but he loves airplanes more, so after cutting a few zig zags he asked me to turn the rest of the zig zag papers into paper airplanes.

Zero ~ If we take all of something away, how many do we have left?
Kumon Activities ~ Malachi continued working in his Numbers 1-30 book.

Nathan worked with him on numbers 1-20. Mali counted the dots and wrote the number in the box. Mali is now up to page 54 in the book. Nathan did such a good job working with him.

Mali says that Nathan is his best friend ~ he asked me to take this picture. *Ü*

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  1. What a great week. I loved the picture of Nathan and Mali together - it's so sweet that they are best friends. We tried If I Ran the Zoo, but it's way over Anna's head.

  2. The look of loving to learn is beautiful on your children!

  3. Mali and Nathan are so C.U.T.E together - great "brothers" pic...

  4. Too cute with the zig zag cutting and paper airplanes. My son would do the same thing. There is nothing like the thought processes of a 4 year old boy!


  5. I love the scrapbook page of Z. Great idea with the zebra - and drawing lines on it.

    You did a full week of things. Great stuff~!!

  6. I love your scrapbook idea. I have so many unused scrapbook items that I could really make use of!

  7. I love your "What begins with Z" book, that is a neat idea!

  8. What a fun week. I loved the last picture! Precious! I may yet do an alphabet week with one of mine. You do such fun things - and I could just copy!


  9. Fun ideas! They look like they are loving school. Yeah!
    TOS Crewmember

  10. I love the zebra craft you did. Very cute and easy to do.

  11. Can't wait to see what else you have from and your review of ABCTeach. I've looked at this site numerous times and wondered if it is worth it.

    Can't wait for the review!

    You had a great preschool week too, by the way:-).