Tree Talk

Tree Talk {A little interview with Malachi on his knowledge of trees}

1. Name a tree you have seen that is familiar to you: Pine tree

2. Name a tree that sheds its leaves in the fall, appears to be dead through the winter, and then looks alive again in the spring: Regular tree {can you name one?} Apple

3. Name a tree that looks alive all year long: Pine tree

4. Name a tree with needles: Pine tree

5. Name emotions that you feel when you look at a tree: happy, we get food from trees

6. Name colors associated with trees in your area: brown and green, yellow, orange, red

What animals live in and near the trees in our neighborhood? birds, owl, squirrel, mouse

How do trees help us? give us food off of their leaves and they give us water inside

What kinds of seeds or flowers do the trees have? apple seeds, pine cone seeds

(from 2009)