Tot School ~ Baby Signing Time

Tot School
~Eliana is 33 Months~
For our Tot School time, we have been learning to sign with Baby Signing Time. I can't say how much I love these videos!
We are working through 2 at a time and are on the first two:
In Volume 1 "It's Baby Signing Time" we learned the signs for:
  • eat, drink, cracker, water, cereal
  • milk, banana, juice, finished
  • Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa,
  • diaper, potty, more
  • bird, fish, cat, dog, horse, frog
  • hurt, where, baby
and in Volume 2 "Here I Go" we are learning the signs for:
  • shoe, sock, hat, coat,
  • please, thank you, sorry,
  • car, train, bus, bike, airplane, boat
  • ball, doll, bear,
  • wash hands, soap, bath, brush teeth,
  • book, pajamas, blanket, sleep
I think we all (the whole family) have mastered the first video, so we will add the 3rd video in this week and continue on with the 2nd one as well. (I ordered all 4 Baby Signing Times and the first 5 Signing Time videos plus flashcards. I wish I has ordered the books and flashcards for the Baby series ~ they would be really helpful to have.)
Here are just a few photos that I caught of Elli learning to sign:
Eat and Drink
Water ~ sign a w and bring it to your mouth.
Cereal (like you are wiping cereal off your chin) and banana (like your finger is a banana and you are peeling it).
This is how much she loves these ~ they make her laugh.
She was crying one day and I asked her to sign crying as we talked about it. Within seconds she was smiling again and signing happy.
She also knows a few more signs from watching the previews (like grumpy) that she uses (as seen in the activity below).
Matching the barrette to the matching colored headband. (Anything that goes in here hair is a "pretty" so we call this Pretty Matching)
She was having a hard time closing the barrette and was quite grumpy about it. So, I had her sign grumpy for me.
Then she showed me "crying" and by the time we were done, she was being goofy and having fun.
I have taught my babies to sign before they can talk, but I have stuck to the basics (please, yes, no, thank you, finished, eat, drink) but as soon as they started talking, we quit signing. If I had known about these videos, I would have signed a lot more with them and continued on with it. So I am really happy to have these.
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  1. She is adorable! So glad you're having fun with them. We've never done the Baby Signing Time ones, just went right to the series one, but I've seen bits and pieces and they look cute.

  2. Now i have that song stuck in my head . . , "It's signing time with Alex and Leah . . ." i really need to get these from the library. Thanks for the great reminder.

  3. We love, love, love these DVDs!!! Eliana watches them every day. We do a lot of signing at our house and I recognized all of your dd's signs too. :-)

    We just received some new dvds and I'm looking forward to the new signs we are going to learn.


  4. My almost 2 year old is really learning so many signs from the first 2 DVD's. I am trying to decide which ones to get next. My almost 5 year old absolutely loves them as well. I so wish I had used more signs and continued them with my older 3 children. We didn't do much more than "more" for the older boys. They both had some speech issues when they were toddlers, but have since outgrown them. I am trying to avoid the same struggles with my current toddler.

    Anyway, I love the pictures of your little girl signing. Cute.

  5. We love Signing Time here, too! Though we only have the first DVD... I keep waiting for a sale or something, but maybe I just need to splurge and buy more.

  6. We have the first three of the series, not the baby ones. My 2 year old loves them. We used baby signs with her to bridge the French, Spanish ,and English she hears at home (one sign is the same for all three languages, hence she learns faster that the three words all have the same meaning). We stopped baby signs when she learned enough words to communicate without them. She doesn't really remember them but now we are doing the signing time videos and she has a lot of fun with it.

  7. I sure miss you Eli! A blessing to read upon my return!

  8. My boys love these...rightnow their favorite is Rainbow salad...don't remember which one that's on though...although it;s not the baby ones! LOL...probably Helping Out Around the House - how can it get any better than that - kids programmed to like helping out!

  9. Every time I come home to see Eliana she is telling me something new or asking me if I know what the sign language is for grumpy or happy or something. She is a brilliant girl and I love how confident she is and how good it makes her feel to have yet another thing to share something with me at lunch and dinner time about what she has been learning.


  10. Your daughter is adorable!!! I wish I would have taught my kidos signs when they were young. Kudos.

    I created a Workbox Directory and added you to it.

  11. Thank you for visiting my website today. I am so glad you shared this post with me. I loved the pictures of your daughter signing.

  12. If you are wanting to get more signing time DVDs, I would wait until Black Friday. Last year, the site had some AMAZING sales that weekend. (I got 25% percent off my order- it probably saved me $50...)