Tot School ~ Fall Leaves Fall!

Tot School
~Eliana is 33 Months~

Fall has almost come and gone here in Wyoming. We have had a couple of snowfalls and lots of cold weather, so the leaves that were still changing colors are now mostly brown. On our way home from the Y one day, Elli picked up a pile of leaves.

Her pile of leaves.
This prompted me to do one last fall activity with her based on the book Fall Leaves Fall.
All of the activities we did are from the book.
Catching leaves as they fall from the tree.
Crunching leaves on our way to the library to collect pinecones.
Raking leaves.
Jumping in!

And heading inside to make cookie leaves.

I really enjoyed this time alone with her! We have also been reading Count Down to Fall, by Fran Hawk~ a Sylvan Dell book that Elli fell in love with during our free subscription to their online books.

We read this book over and over and had fun counting and identifying leaf colors and shapes on each page.

Discovering leaf shape and color.

We talked about all the colors of leaves, including green, yellow, orange, red and brown. But, since our leaves are all brown, we used the leaves we pressed while working on our Autumn lapbook. (So glad I saved those!) We also talked about the shape and whether or not it was rounded or oval, smooth or jagged, and big or little. We have also been working on a few other things, but I will share that in another Tot School post. For now, head on over to 1+1+1=1 to see what other tots are doing for school!


  1. We live in Colorado, so our Fall is pretty much over as well. What great Fall activities for a little one. Exploring God's creation is always a wonderful time.

  2. The leaves lesson was really cute! I love how it was simple yet fun.

  3. What a beautiful time your little one had exploring the leaves! Fall has not quite arrived where we live so I am looking forward to playing in leaves with my girls.

  4. What great fall activities! We had a Fall Leaves theme a few weeks ago, but since we don't have much of a fall here in Texas right now, we used fake leaves instead. So jealous of your gorgeous fall weather and getting to play in the leaves outside!

  5. I love how your activities were centered around the book! Great ideas!

  6. Awh, the leaves here are just starting to fall. I can't wait to be able to take the kids out to play in them!!! That's for letting me know about the fall/leaf books. I will have to check them out!!