A Simple Gathered Shift

A sweet and simple pattern from Practically Pretty.

The pattern has three simple pieces: a front a back and a sleeve (of which you cut two).

This is what it looks like before it is "gathered." I am checking the length on Elli.

The neck, the sleeves and the waistline is gathered for a nice fit. I tried for an empire waistline, but the last time I did I got it too high, so I purposely put it a little lower to compensate and well, it looks like a normal waistline.

I love how sweet she looks in it!

After finishing the first one, I decided to do the next two assembly line style. Here are the pieces ready to be sewn.

I opted to add the self ruffle to the sleeves.

The Shift is designed for a young child to be able to put it on and take it off easily, thus no buttons!

And there's my silly girl (I realized this morning that she must get this from her silly brothers because she was so serious as a baby, seriously!)

It is my hope that she will be able to wear this for at least a year. The nice thing about this dress is that the gather can be loosened if it gets too tight.