Instant Challenge #5: Leaning Tower Solutions

Mali's Tower.
{I was quite impressed that my 4 year old completed the challenge within the specifications} *Ü*

If you missed it, be sure to see my introductory post for rules and more information!

Leaning Tower

Challenge: Your TASK is to create a tower that leans against the wall.

Time: You will have up to 2 minutes to discuss strategy and up to 5 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to create your structure and lean it up against the wall.

Set-up: In the middle of the room is a taped line. In addition, there is a table with materials.

  • 20 Toothpicks
  • 30 Mailing Labels
  • 6 Straws Scissors
  • The mailing labels may not be attached to the wall or the floor. The scissors may not be altered and may not be part of your tower.
The tower must touch the taped line and cannot touch the wall inside the taped box.

Since these two boys struggled so much to get along during our last challenge, I had just the two of them work together for this challenge.

I was not disappointed in this decision. They only had one little hiccup, but worked well together for the most part. {Phew}

They built the tower with straws and then added the toothpicks to give it some more height.

The straw behind the tower is what enabled it to lean against the wall without falling over.

Scoring: {The boys scored themselves this round}

  • 2 points for each inch (2.5 cm) between the corner and the first point where the tower touches the wall. 17.5 inches x 2 = 35 points
  • 2 points for each inch (2.5 cm) between the corner and the first point where the tower touches the floor. 18.5 inches x 2 = 37 points
  • Up to 30 points for how creatively you use the materials. 25 points
  • Up to 20 points for how well your team works together. 15 points
For a total of 112 points. I think this was a fun challenge. How about you?

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  1. Oh that is so funny-I thought the square went on the floor too-LOL! Oh well, they did and had fun-so that is good. But still funny!

  2. I think it IS supposed to be on the floor, as it is there to make sure the tower is LEANING, lol. Well, I suppose it would work either way because the tower cannot touch the wall in either spot if it were truly leaning. *Ü*

  3. Dallas and I really like Jordan's hat, :) and to say we have not done this the days are slipping by me toooo fast. We missed out on the fun ...again :(