Worship Guitar

Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class is a unique series of DVD based guitar lessons designed for individual or group lessons. I was blessed to received Volume One to review for the Crew. The DVD includes:
  • Introduction
  • Parts of the guitar
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Lessons 1-7
  • Practice Sessions
Each lesson includes step by step instructions that are appropriate for the beginner to the intermediate player. In volume one you can learn seven songs, a dozen chords, and several strumming and finger-picking patterns. The worship songs included:
  1. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
  2. My All in All
  3. More Precious Than Silver
  4. Take My Life
  5. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
  6. This Is the Day
  7. I Love You, Lord
The DVD comes with a companion instructional book that offers the lessons in print for a quick and easy reference and is designed to supplement the DVD lessons. See the first lesson for free. This video is the intructional lesson. In the practice session, it goes step by step at a slower pace. Price: $29.95 for each level, includes a book and DVD. The 4 level set sells for $99.80 (DVDs only) or $119.80 for the DVDs and levels 1-4 books and includes:
  • the complete set of JW Worship Guitar Class Volumes
  • 'Tips, Tricks & Exercises for Great Guitar Technique'
  • 'Hymn eBook'
  • '200+ Chord Charts and Pictures
  • 'Chord Charts with Pictures for 5 Major Keys + How to use this Guide Book.' ($40 Value)
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class also offers a one year 100% money back guarantee. Other products include Worship Guitar for Kids, Praise Violin, and more. I am thrilled with this program and think this is an excellent way to learn to play the guitar. I have been wanting to play for years and am excited to have lessons that are so clear, concise and easy enough that my 9 year old is able to learn along with me. The hardest part for me has been toughening up my fingers that hold the chords. I can only practice for 10 minutes at a time right now, although sometimes I cheat and wear Band-Aids so I can learn to switch from one chord to the next, which is the second hardest part for me. I think this program would be perfect for beginning a family worship time and I recommend this for anyone who is wanting to learn to play the guitar and worship Yhvh Elohim (the Lord our God) at the same time. You can see other Crew member reviews to see what they think of Worship Guitar. Some crew mates will also be reviewing Worship Guitar for Kids.
I received this product for free in exchange for my review as a member of the Crew. No further compensation was received and I offer my honest opinion.