Peg Board Organizing {System}

Do you ever have so many things you want to do, but don't know where to start?

Organizing my work space seemed like a good place to start. I saw this peg board organizing system at my mother-in-law's house and knew when I saw it, that this would help me get organized so I can get started on the projects I want to do.

So, I set out to Home Depot and picked up a 4'x8' sheet piece of 1/4" pegboard. I had them cut it for me into the sizes that I wanted (24" x 32") for a total of 6 boards. Then I headed to the hardware department to pick up the peg board hooks. They offer these in a kit or in individual packages. (I actually prefer the hooks that I have since found at K-Mart better, and Walmart also carries them). Then I picked some dry wall anchors, screws and extra spacers. Spacers allow space for the peg hooks to hang behind the board. We used 4 spacers behind each board.

I have 3 stations on this wall: one for office and school supplies, one for sewing and craft supplies, and one for hardware and tools.

For small items, I hole punched the top of clear plastic bags designed to hold scrapbooking supplies and placed the items inside. When I ran out of those, I used sandwich bags until I found a pack of various sized clear bags that I got from the dollar store.

On the opposite side of the room, I added a miscellaneous peg board for clip boards, plastic sheet protectors, laminating sheets, etc. I have since almost filled up this board.

I also set up another table on this side of the room for scrap booking and added a scrapbooking peg board.

I opted for a cork board above the computer desk for simplicity and flexibility. I mostly pin bills up or notes for my husband or the kids (since this is the computer that he and the children use).

It was easy with the help of a drill, drill bit, screw bit and my 13 year old son. He did all the drilling and I helped him hold and level the boards.

Then came the fun part ~ cleaning out all the drawers and boxes that stored supplies, filling the peg boards up and organizing it all. I am amazed at all the stuff I found that had been hiding in drawers and craft bins. I found stuff that I had forgot I had because I stuck it in a drawer. Now, I feel like I have my own little craft store. I also can tell when someone uses a pair of scissors and does not return them, because I am always walking by it and notice an empty spot.

This is a small spot in the house that gets used a lot, so it can get messy quickly. Having the peg board system has helped us find things when we need them and that can be very helpful when you are trying to work on a project!

Update: The peg board gets just as messy!