A Review of Mathletics

Mathletics is an online math program for children ages 5-14. But, this is not an ordinary program, it is Mathletics! It is hardly a way keep your kids seated during math time ~ they will be jumping up and down (well, it is Mathletics), but glued to the screen at the same time in this math program that is mostly educational, but a lot of fun.

Racing against other players around the world - three strikes and you are out.

Mathletics strongly supports homeschooling and offers a student guide, teacher's guide and "instant workbooks" that can be printed for continued practice off the screen.
Mathletics is fun and rewards kids for great performance. They get to design their own character and earn credits that they can spend to dress up their character. And Mathletics is not just about practice and drill.
The "?" support button offers an explanation if your child is stuck - thus it is not just drill and your child has the potential to learn new concepts.

Annual student subscription is $59. But if you know the Human Calulators favorite number, you get $9.05 off for a total of $49.95. {Hint, watch the video}

I love his secret to numbers!

My kids participated in the American Math Challenge hosted by Mathletics. They were eager "mathletes" as they raced kids from around the world. They even had a chance to race against each other. You can imagine how excited they were as they got on at the same time (on different computers) and got to race each other. The excitement level has been high around our home and I am so excited that MATH is getting them excited!

The suggested ages at this time are ages 5 to 8th grade.

We will enjoy our subscription until it ends, but then we will seriously consider renewing!
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