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This One's for the Birds {Pine Cone Treat}

This week's Kiddo's Create Challenge of the Week is pine cones. I was cleaning off my tot school shelf and wanted to get rid of the pinecones and leftover bird seed from our nature study on squirrels, so this was perfect timing!

Pine cone, crunchy peanut butter, black oil sunflower seeds (our wild birds' favorite food).

You can do something by, with or for your kiddos, and I choose "by" my kiddos and "for" the birds!

Spreading the peanut butter was the challenging part (that and using my favorite organic peanut butter, but that was all that I had).

Spreading. . .

More spreading . . .

Rolling it in bird seed was messy fun.

Sprinkle a little on.

All done.

Now for the challenge: bundling up to spend a total of 60 seconds outside to hang the treat.

As soon as we made it to the tree, Elli fell and dropped hers in the snow. I quickly hung it and carried her in, wet, snowy hands and all. Now, we can watch it from the window and hope that the squirrels don't get to it first.

But, brrr, it's cold here in Wyoming!