On a Sabbath morning hike. . .

A welcome site: the bulb of the Sego Lily is edible (like a potato) and there were so many I lost count. Last year I saw only one and it was up on the ridge towards the top of our property. 

Happy little {living} trees. 

Some water still in the creek.

Luke and I had to switch on the way back so that he could carry Elli. I had Bo in a front carry until I got to the hill and then thought otherwise. With all the ravines, it felt like our hike was uphill both ways. :p

Where were the boys during our walk?

With 22 acres to explore, boredom does not exist.

It was a beautiful morning, but had I known about the snake that the boys would find later, I don't think I would have enjoyed our hike as much.

More on the homestead soon...