What I Love About You ~ 7 Months

Boaz has changed so much this past month! 

Bo, I love. . . 
  • how you sit up unsupported

  • how you are starting to crawl and pull your self up on furniture

  • how you love to "walk" holding on to my fingers

  • that you said your first word this month ~ mama! (smile) and say it when you want me

  • how active you are and that I am losing weight because of it ~ less than 5 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnant weight 

  • how you always want down so you can move around

  • you crawling on me

  • that you will play in your pack-n-play, for oh, maybe 20 minutes at a time. 

  • that you are napping twice a day, for maybe 1-2 hours. 

  • juicing for you and I in the morning (we had apple-carrot-grapefruit this morning)

  • making you Bo-gurt ~ whole milk plain yogurt and mashed ripe organic banana (breakfast this morning)

  • me trying to get a photo of you sitting up, and you wanting to crawl instead

Me holding onto your hand to get you to stay. :)

It was close to bed time, so Bo was a little tired. He took a nose dive, then decided he was done.

I had to stop filming to get this pic. :)

At 7 months:
  • you are still up several times at night nursing ~ mama is tired these days

  • meals are mostly whole milk plain yogurt mixed with pureed fruit or veggies like cucumber with a squeeze of lime or mashed avocado, mashed sweet potato, or baked potato with a little butter and milk, or pureed carrot - mostly what we eat if I can help it, but you get a little more variety.  

  • you weigh about 18 1/2 pounds ~ you are too active to weigh you in the sling now

  • you are a busy baby! curious about everything, pulling yourself up, climbing anything you can - you act like you are such a big boy who can do anything. I have to laugh because before you could move around, you would arch your back to be put down, only to just lay there. Now, you can move around of course. I wouldn't be surprised if you were my earliest walker. 

  • I have a walker for you now - your first day in it, and you are opening drawers and into anything you can reach - which keeps me on the go! 

  • you are such a happy baby, always busy and playing, loving books and being read to, chewing on anything we will let you have. . . we love you so much Bo! 

I took a photo of you pulling yourself up in your crib - and the teeth marks from chewing on the rail! I'll upload them soon.