Usborne 50 Science Things to Make and Do

I have another great Usborne review for you! 50 Science Things to Make & Do is a set of activity cards that "combine fun things to do with scientific explanations."  

My little ones love playing in water, so we did the Water Power activity card. 

The main idea is that water can provide energy to produce power. 

The instructions were clear and simple to follow.

What's going on?
The energy from the water pouring out the holes makes the bottle spin around. Falling water and its energy are used on a much larger scale at hydroelectric power stations. The water turns enormous wheels, called turbines. These drive machines called generators that produce electricity. 
This is a great activity to do while the tub is filling for their bath - they can watch it spin and spin. 

The 50 Science Things to Make and Do cards are just one of many Usborne Activity Cards that caught my eye, but I went with these ones because I wanted an easy way to supplement our Five in a Row science. I already use the Usborne Science Activity Books, but the cards appealed to me because if I could tie in an activity with a row, then I could just file the card with the book. 

For instance, here is my file for How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World:

I found two activity cards that go-along with this row and just stuck them in the file folder planned for this row. So simple. 

Here are a few that go-along with other Five in a Row books:

There may be more ~ I will keep the activity cards handy on my FIAR shelf while we row!

Disclosure: I received the Learning Palette and the Activity Cards for free in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for this post, nor do I have to return the product.