The Story of Ferdinand {& Scheduling Five in a Row}

June 20th ~ 24th, 2011

For this row, we listened to The Story of Ferdinand on cd and I never could have pronounced banderilleros without it! This is a fun story about a bull who does not like to fight and likes to smell the flowers under his favorite cork tree instead.

We focused on Spain, learned what a peninsula is, wrote our own little story, did the lapbooking activities from HSS to go along with the manual, made another little bag book, had some churros and smelled some flowers of our own.

[Monday] Geography: Spain, Peninsula, Strait of Gibraltar

[Tuesday] Language Arts: Fantasy Story, Interjections, Repetition, "The Story of..." (see below)

[Wednesday] Science: Cork Oak Trees, Properties of Cork, Senses Scavenger Hunt and Nature Walk, Flowers (Usborne Vol 2, p. 58-59), Copywork

[Thursday] Art: Size and Distance

The castle is smaller to show that it is farther away. 
One day this past week, I drew Eliana a picture of her and I picking wild flowers with a house in the distance and she asked me why I drew the house so far away - so I knew she caught on to the concept that because it was smaller, it was farther away.

[Friday] Math: Measuring in Feet and Inches, Counting corks in the cork trees

[Friday] Narration and Illustration:

The Story of... 

This is a story idea from HSS Ferdinand Resources. Malachi made up his own story, similar to Ferdinand. (I included the pages that had illustrations and typed out the rest of the story).

All the other little lion cubs would run and play and pretend to hunt. 
But not Leo. He liked to just sit down and look around. He liked to sit in his favorite spot by the creek in the jungle.
Sometime's Leo's mother would worry about him. She would say, "Run, jump and play with the other cubs." 
But she saw that he was happy, so she understood, even though she was a Mother Lion. 

He still liked to sit in his favorite spot by the creek in the jungle. 
One day lion hunters came and took Leo away. They wanted to hunt him down, so they put him on their island. But Leo went to sit down by the creek. 
The hunters were mad so they took him home. Leo was happy. 
The End

FIAR Recipe: 

Churros {with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream}

Watermelon "Flowers"

We sat under our favorite tree in the front yard and smelled the flowers. The air here smells so fragrant and wonderful this time of year ~ the perfect time to row this! I debated rowing this during Rodeo week, but Ferdinand wouldn't have cared anyways. ;-)

We also planted some flowers in our front flower bed.

The Story of Ferdinand is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 2.

Delightful Links:

Lovely little lady with a flower in her hair.


I was asked about scheduling, so here is an outline of how I plan and schedule a row:
  • Read the book
  • pull out blank lesson planning sheet 
    • write the name of the book, the Five in a Row volume it is in, and the page number from the manual above the title, 
    • write in the subjects under the days of the week
  • read the lesson suggestions in the manual and Character and Bible Study supplement 
  • write down the lessons I want to do on the planning sheet (Bible lessons go on the top of the page)
  • include any lapbooks I will be using 
  • print and cut lapbook
  • pull out The Five in a Row Cookbook for recipe ideas
  • do a quick search to find any fun go-along activities 
  • make a list of supplies I will need
  • gather supplies before I start the row
  • Fill out the top of a new Rowing the Week schedule 
That is the simplified version of how I pull my week together.

Here are a few snapshots of our Rowing the Week schedule for The Story of Ferdinand:

(I copied this with red pencil so it would show up better.)

Tamara offers a blank Rowing the Week planner freebie. 
(I'm sorry, this is no longer available.) 

And here is the Blank Lesson Planning Sheet from the Five in a Row manual for this row:

We took three weeks off and are easing our way back into a schedule. I cleaned out the school closet, the craft box and the school shelves, ordered all of our curriculum for this fall, and planned for our next couple rows.  I also decided that since we are 8 weeks into our new school year (a good head start), we will take a break from our regular school work (AAS, Writing Traits, LL, Beg. Geography, Singapore Math, and Daily Science)  the rest of the Summer. We still have a few books that I would like to row during Summer, so we will, as Malachi says, do all the fun stuff. Then when school starts for the older boys this fall, we will take a break from Five in a Row so that I can focus on the older boys.

Rows coming up:

Hope you are having a wonderful Summer! 


  1. hi! we are just starting FIAR & i am *thrilled* to have found your blog!
    wondering how i can get a copy of tamara's rowing the week planner. when i click on the link it says i need to be invited.

  2. Where did you find the printables?

  3. The Ferdinand lapbook pieces? Those are from Homeschool Share.