Woodbine 2011 {& 8 years}

I've been coming here since I was a child, and now my children have too. 

The water in the river was so high, the bridge was closed. So, we could not walk up to Woodbine Falls this time. 

The trail is beautiful.

And I love seeing my older boys walk hand in hand with a little one. 

The sound of the rushing water is awesome. 

It was a hot day, so the cool mist from the river and shade from the rocks was wonderful. 

We saw wild strawberries along the trail.

I asked Jordan to pose with this sign because I have a picture of him in front of the sign taken 14 years ago. 

(Photo bottom right)

Two years ago, this hike scared the boys - this year it scared me a bit too (making sure everyone was safe). The water was pretty high and fast, but I loved it. 

Luke and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. 

We documented :
  • highlights from the last year (which are all on my blogs)

  • what our homestead means to us ~ an investment, a place to teach our children the value of work, and a place to create childhood memories

  • our desires for the coming year ~ continue working on the homestead, eat healthier, live more sustainably, minimize, and homeschool

    • juice fruits and veggies, healthy smoothies, less white sugar/flour, grind more grain, bake more bread (I've been in survival mode in this area since Bo was born)

    • spend less 

    • use cloth diapers (been using the cloth wipes)

    • get rid of stuff 

    • organize 

    • more independent study for the older boys

  • and a few other things that we don't want to forget

Life is good.