Rodeo Parade ~ My View

Here is what I had my eye on during the Rodeo parade on Friday ~

I got a hair cut last week - I had about 5 inches taken off.
(Luke took this shot.)

The younger kids had ear plugs in their ears. Me too. 

I didn't watch much of the parade (I enjoy a very small percent of it), but I did enjoy watching my family. 

Earlier that morning, Jordan participated in the Annual Beds of the Bighorn Race ~ check it out here. He is the blue team with the 3 wheeled red bed and he is on the right. 

After the parade, the boys left to spend the afternoon with their dad at a family reunion. We had lunch and then Luke went to work for an hour. I realized I wasn't going to get much done with just me and the littles, so Mali, Elli, Bo and I walked downtown to get an ice cream cone.  We stopped at the park on the way home to eat it. 

I love those boots on Eliana. . . 

. . . and her playful spirit. 

When Luke got home, we drove through several car lots on the way to and from the store looking at vehicles.  We got tortillas from the health food store and stuff to make salsa for Sabbath and a high chair for Bo (which I love and am so happy I finally got one - he needed one). 

Elli asked me to take that last one. I need to take more pictures of her toys to document her little life for her - I think I will take a photo of her room (as soon as we clean it). 

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  1. Oh, you look very lovely! So much fun =) And i love elli's boots! So so cute!