Loving the Little Years ~ Motherhood in the Trenches

My oldest gets his drivers license next month and my youngest just learned to walk 2 months ago. I'm there. I'm on the ground, engaging in motherhood with little ones (and big ones!). I'm in the trenches.

Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches is just what I needed from another mom who is there. 

"I didn’t write this book because mothering little ones is easy for me. I wrote it because it isn’t. I know that this is a hard job, because I am right here in the middle of it. I know you need encouragement because I do too.  
This is not a tender reminiscence from someone who had children so long ago that she only remembers the sweet parts. At the time of writing this, I have three children in diapers, and I can recognize the sound of hundreds of toothpicks being dumped out in the hall. 
This is a small collection of thoughts on mothering young children for when you are motivated, for when you are discouraged, for the times when discipline seems fruitless, and for when you are just plain old tired.  
The opportunities for growth abound here but you have to be willing. You have to open your heart to the tumble. As you deal with your children, deal with yourself always and first. This is what it looks like, and feels like, to walk as a mother with God." ~ Loving the Little Years

Rachel Jankovic, mother to 5 small children and one on the way, shares her experience mothering from the trenches. Loving the Little Years is a quick, easy and encouraging read - I didn't want it to end. I read a little before going to bed each night and finished it in three nights. Reading Rachel's book is like reading an encouragement from a friend who can relate to not only the joys of motherhood, but the hiccups too.

She blogs at Desiring God

And she is the daughter of Doug and Nancy Wilson. I first heard of Doug and Nancy at my first homeschool convention. I came home with of one of their books and later ordered several more.  

While reading Rachel's book is like an encouragement from a friend, reading her mother's books are not. They are deep, convicting, and challenging. 

I haven't read these books in years, but last night I picked up Praise Her in the Gates ~ The Calling of Christian Motherhood.

I realized I need both - both the encouragement of a friend and the advice of a mother ~ and these two authors make a perfect team. 

I received Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches to review with no strings attached. I was not required to write a review, but I am happy to help get the word out. :)